Italian Duo Armonica’s Wavey Afro-Spirited Music

The Italian commune of Riccione is famous for its gorgeous coastal views and seafood, but what it has also done in the last few years is produced one of Italy’s finest  house music acts.

The duo was formed as a result of close friends Andrea and Salvatore being the residents of the infamous Cocorico club in Riccione, and later uniting to bring their musical projects influences together to form Armonica.

Starting the project in 2018, they have racked up a fierce reputation for delivering music that is powerful and transcendental; and they have done this while garnering heavy support from heavyweights like Dixon, Ame, Solomun, Black Coffee and Andhim, amongst others.

As good as their Afro-tinged music is, their ability to take club goers on a journey is a highlight that has seen them perform in some of the reputable dance venues like Pacha Ibiza, Pacha Barcelona, Pyrex Arena, Chi by Decadence, and of course, Cocorico, where they continue to be residents at their hugely successful monthly party, ‘Goat Serious’.

To mark their incredible ride so far, we have decided to list some of Armonica’s best tunes that will make you want to head to a club and get your feet tapping.



Armonica’s home country hosts MoBlack Records, which is arguably the best Afro House label out there at the moment. The label’s ingenious ability to release Afro inspired house music brought Mowgan and Jah Baba with his uplifting vocals with irresistible orchestration on ‘O Pa Mi Titi Deabe’.

The Italian duo along with M. Caporale and David Montoya were asked to remix the track. The result of Armonica coming out of the studio with their final product was beyond spectacular. Long melodic intro with Jah Baba’s vocals, followed by a hypnotic drop but without losing its musical ability.



One of Armonica’s biggest hits so far brought Toshi, who is known for her incomparably sultry vocals on ‘Ngeke’ for a delightful Afro House roller. Deep Afro rhythms, hypnotic textures and intoxicating synth melodies. It’s a tune for the ages!

MoBlack Records brought a number of high profile names to remix the track and two remarkable reworks came from Andhim and Raw District to make the release a truly special package.



As you go dig deeper into Armonica’s music, you are no longer surprised by the duo’s alluring power and it’s a pilgrimage for the listener then on. ‘Ayo’ describes just that feeling. Afro music is blessed with mind-blowing vocalists and Mabiisi is one of them.

Bringing Mabiisi’s elevating vocal power with their hypnotic grooves and afro-spirited moods, Armonica gave us another tune for the ages and one that can capture the imagination of thousands when dropped in a club or festival setting.



Yet another hypnotic yet emotional Armonica offering but this time in a remix capacity. It’s no surprise that their music is championed by the likes of Dixon, Ame, Solomun and Black Coffee because their Afro wizardry is some of the best that is on offer.

Once again on MoBlack Records, Armonica took up the task of re-imagining Dele Sosimi’s ‘Turbulent Times’ with rhythm, and atmosphere to make for a tantalizing Afro anthem without losing its originality.



We’re ending our selections with a tune that in our opinion will go down as one of the greatest Armonica tracks to have ever been made. Like always, deep, flowy, and spellbinding with deep synths and a raw bassline to create a masterpiece of a tune.

Mabiisi’s powerful vocals collide with the Italian duo’s high energy Afro House jams to serve up an Afro House classic. Just listen and lose yourself.

Explore Armonica’s music – HERE  

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