5 Music Companies in the Metaverse That You Should Know

The Metaverse, still in its early stages of development, offers a plethora of opportunities for artists and creators across the board. Along with fashion, accessories, art, gaming, and educative seminars, music has also found a space and evolved in the metaverse. Artists and creators can sell NFTs—music, art, video, etc., interact with fans worldwide, and gain greater control over their creativity.

Megan Thee Stallion’s Virtual Project ‘Enter Thee Hottieverse’

Recently, Megan Thee Stallion and AmazeVR, a technology company, held advanced music concerts by presenting ‘Enter Thee Hottieverse,’ a virtual concert organized for viewing in theatres between April and July 2022. The possibilities appear to be limitless, and brands and businesses have already begun to make progress in this virtual space.

With Audio streaming service Napster’s announcement in June 2022 that it would embark on a journey on the Web3, find below a list of five other companies that have entered the metaverse while keeping music as a key component. In addition to them signing the biggest artists, and hosting virtual concerts, presenting virtual DJ sessions we have listed technology companies started by established artists and a company that functions as a learning tool for aspiring musicians.


The Portal to the Music Metaverse

Pixelynx was founded by EDMs artists Joel ‘deadmau5’ Zimmerman, Richie ‘Plastikman’ Hawtin, Web3 company Seven20, and music management and brand partnerships agency Graphite Media. It is building technology that aims to blur the boundaries between music, blockchain, and gaming and revolutionize the way music is consumed in virtual worlds.


Pixelynx focuses on developing a new virtual world that allows musicians to create and monetize their interactive environments via NFTs, playable experiences, and virtual concerts.

Speaking about Pixelynx at International Music Summit at Ibiza in May 2022, co-founder Richie ‘Plastikman’ Hawtin said, “This is just another extension of using tech to reach out and connect to like-minded people and share in experiences.”

Joel ‘deadmau5’ Zimmerman shared in the same interview, “The Web3 is like a double-edged sword for me personally, but like all the positive notes are things like IP control.” Deadmau5 also performed a set on the Evolution stage at a virtual music Metaverse Festival held in Decetraland on October 23, 2021.

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Tribe XR

Founded in 2017, Tribe XR is a virtual world for budding and experienced DJs and music producers. Tribe XR allows you to learn the art of DJing in virtual reality and even perform shows in the metaverse. Participants in Tribe XR can interact with digital mixers and create their own set lists. The platform allows users to upload their own music. Workshops and educational sessions with DJ mentors are also available.

Check out the schedule and list of in-house DJs and mentors by clicking here 


Stageverse presents Muse: Enter the Simulation

Stageverse is a Web3 metaverse platform designed to connect communities and creators via 3D social spaces, digital content, and virtual interactive experiences. Stageverse offers a variety of customizable spaces to assist artists, including art galleries, VR concert experiences, and other private spaces.


A show from show rock band Muse’s ‘Simulation Theory World Tour’, originally performed at Madrid’s Metropolitano Stadium in 2019, was held in Stageverse in 2021. Viewers could attend concerts virtually in their avatars and watch from one of sixteen different angles. Stageverse also recently partnered with Party Degenerates, a global collective of artists and collectors, to live stream a concert featuring DJ Diplo, DJ and Music producer Blond:ish. and other musical acts.

Click here for Stageverse’s website

Sensorium Galaxy

Behind The Scenes: Carl Cox Avatar for Sensorium Galaxy

Sensorium Galaxy is a digital metaverse established to connect people through virtual experiences. Visitors can grip themselves in a list of activities and immersive experiences to interact and engage with others virtually. Sensorium Galaxy is made up of several worlds. Each galaxy’s world serves as a hub for particular types of activities. Its Prism World serves as a destination for virtual music and dance events.

Artists on the Sensorium Galaxy include DJ Carl Cox, progressive house DJ Armin van BuurenDJs Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, DJ and record producer Black CoffeeDJ David GuettaSteve Aoki, techno DJ Charlotte de Witte, and DJ Eric Prydz. JAI:N, an AI-driven Virtual DJ powered by evolving AI algorithms, is also housed at Sensorium. It is said to create a music playlist that adapts to all moods and vibes. Kàra Màr, Sensorium’s other AI-powered virtual artist, released an eight-track album titled ‘Anthropic Principle.’ in 2021.

Visit Sensorium Galaxy’s website by clicking here

Click here to download the Sensorium Galaxy App



Spotify, arguably the world’s largest audio streaming platform, entered the metaverse and launched its own Spotify Island on Roblox. With this project, Spotify became one of the first music companies to enter the metaverse in 2022. Visitors and gamers can create music, play games, and interact with artists in this virtual space. They can also create music and experiment with sounds at the virtual beat-maker station powered by the digital audio workstation Soundtrap (purchased by Spotify in 2017).


K-Park, a destination inspired by all things K-Pop, was Spotify Island’s first themed experience launched in May 2022. It presented many virtual offerings such as a K-Pop cafe, a tea waterfall, collectibles, quests, and the opportunity for fans to interact with K-pop stars SUNMI and Stray Kids.

Click here to check out Spotify Island On Roblox

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