TFword In Conversation With Plastik Funk

The Spanish-born, Germany-based DJ and producer spoke with us about his journey, his music, his merch line, and lots more.

Born and raised in Madrid and now based in Germany, Rafael Ximenez-Carrillo aka Plastik Funk is a musical phenomenon. With a career spanning over two decades, Plastik Funk holds a seminal place in electronic music for the ability to deliver dancefloor material that is foot tapping and futuristic.

Closing 2021 with a storming entry into the famed and industry-renowned DJ Mag Top 100 DJs Poll, ranking him amongst the best in the world, Plastik Funk has had a whirlwind twelve months across the board. While his 2013 tune ‘Who’ with Tujamo still does rounds in the biggest clubs and festivals in the world, Plastik Funk’s most successful release came in 2020 with ‘Dare Me’, a tune he collaborated on with Aussie sisters NERVO and Tim Morrison. The tune has now racked up over 20 million streams across all platforms.

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Along with the monumental original music comes his DJ moniker, where he sends crowds into hyperdrive with his piercing style of DJing. World Club Dome, Ultra Europe, Tomorrowland and Parookaville, Plastik Funk, along with headlining solo tours across Asia, Europe, North America, and beyond. His list of DJing accolades added two performances at the Miami Grand Prix with Calvin Harris and the NFL Superbowl Pre-party this year.

Following another successful year and his latest release on Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings, we spoke with the man himself about his journey, his DJing schedule, his merch and lots more..

Hey there, thanks for taking the time out to chat with us. How has 2022 been for you until now?

Plastik Funk: Hey guys! It’s been an amazing year so far already – I’m so happy that we can enjoy live music once again the way we used to before the pandemic, it felt like such a long wait where we couldn’t experience that excitement or joy so to be back seeing my fans in the flesh is something I love! I’ve also been super busy in the studio, releasing on labels including Future House Music, Spinnin’ Records and Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings of which I’ll be returning to once again this July with my new release ‘Can’t Help It’, with lots more exciting music still to come.

After two years of isolation and cancellations, how is the feeling to be back on the road and playing music in front of your fans?

Plastik Funk: Indescribable! There is no feeling like the power of live music and how much fun we can all have together, especially after all this time, it feels all the more sweeter.

Your single with ‘WHO’ with Tujamo came out over 9 years ago, but it still dominates clubs and festivals. How do you look at the journey of the release and what does it mean to you?

Plastik Funk: That release was at a huge point in my career that introduced a lot of my new fans to my music, but I’m always looking forward to the future and seeing how I can continue to be the best I can be in my career.

You’ve also released across Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings, Spinnin’ Records and many more with your past few years in the studio feeling more prolific than ever! What draws you to release with a certain label and does this dictate the style of music you make?

Plastik Funk: Yes, many labels! It can depend on the sound of a release; some tracks may suit certain labels better than others. Say, for example, if a track is of a deeper sound that may suit one imprint, but others may look for something more energetic, or vocal-led. But for me, I’ve been lucky enough to work with labels that I’m a huge fan of myself from a musical level on what these guys are releasing, their values and work ethics – something I don’t take for granted in this fast-paced industry!

You recently performed at the Miami Grand Prix alongside Calvin Harris. How was the experience?

Plastik Funk: It was excellent! It was the first ever Miami F1 event so it was a pleasure to be invited to play with my sound and of course, Calvin and all the other DJs took the roof off! There were also some special guests in the audience including Jamie Foxx and the Miami skyline is always such a cool place to play.

Your producer journey dates back close to two decades and you’ve delivered some huge hits; but if you had to pick your top five releases; what would they be?

Plastik Funk: 1.) Plastik Funk ft Dollarman – “Let me see your hands“ (Ministry of Sound)
2.) Plastik Funk – “Everybody dance now” (Kontor/Tiger)
3.) Tujamo & Plastik Funk – “WHO“ (Spinnin/ Tiger)
4.) Nervo & Plastik Funk – “Dare me“ (Spinnin)
5.) Plasol Funk & Greg de la – “Magnets“ (Future House Music)

You dropped a merch line as well recently. Can you tell us a little more about it?

Plastik Funk: I actually dropped my march line back during the pandemic – I am a fashion fan but I am also very particular about what I like, often simplistic designs but with high-quality cuts and cool logos. That was exactly what I wanted to create with my merch line, the chance for my fans to be able to wear their support and have a similar style to what I like to emanate myself and that way, we can share our looks together!

What are the genres that you like to listen to when you are not making music?

Plastik Funk: I’m a big house music fan, always have been, everything from classic Chicago anthems to new-school UK/ European dance – there is nothing like it to keep the good vibes pumping!

What’s coming up next for Plastik Funk?

Plastik Funk: I have a huge Summer of live tour dates including stops all over Europe, Portugal, Turkey, Greece and many more are just some I’m really looking forward to, and its non-stop from here on out! After the break we have had after Covid, there is no higher high than the joy of playing to my fans, so the busier the better for me! Apart from that, I also have a brand new single forthcoming on Revealed Recordings – you can keep up to date with that on my social media to know when new music is dropping!

Finally, your last show in India was back in 2018. When can we expect Plastik Funk to make a return to India?

Plastik Funk: I love India! My favorite shows were back in 2018 when I closed out the year with an epic run of dates, I hope to return soon to play for my fans as soon as I can ?

Listen to Plastik Funk’s full discography here:

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