London’s fabric Club Launches New Label fabric Originals

fabric club in London is launching a new label, fabric Originals, with upcoming releases from Helena Hauff, Marcel Dettmann, DJ Bone, and more.

fabric’s new flagship imprint’s first release is a split EP by DJ, producer Eris Drew, and Brooklyn-based house music producer Octa Octa. Eris Drew’s ‘Star & Water’ is the opening track of the two-track EP ‘A Day After A Night With U / Stars & Water.’

“My record with Maya includes a love song written by each of us for the other about a special night we spent together alone on the beach during the early phase of the pandemic,” Drew wrote on her social media. “The water was cold off the New Hampshire coast but we were warm and filled with love.”

The second half of the EP is the track titled ‘Day After a Night With U’ by Octa Octa. “Maya’s song “Stars & Water” is a gorgeous bass-heavy house roller & my song “Day After a Night With U” is a harpsichord acid-break ripper feat. the vocals of Elizabeth Troy,” she described Maya Bouldry-Morrison’s track.

Eris added: “We’re both very happy these songs are seeing the light of day because the licensing process for Ms. Troy’s vocal took some time, as these things do.”

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The upcoming fabric Originals releases will be from Detroit-based DJ Bone, German DJ Helena Hauff, I. JORDAN – a British electronic music producer and DJ, LCY, and German DJ who is a resident at Berlin’s Berghain Marcel Dettmann. Eris Drew and Octa Octa’s collaborative EP, and new releases from DJ Bone, and Helena Hauff are out now for pre-order as a limited-edition bundle.

Although not much has been revealed about the upcoming releases yet, fans can expect everything from singles and EPs to albums and compilations. The next new release from the label will be a collaboration between SHERELLE and I. JORDAN. Fans will be delighted to know that new music is also coming from LCY and Marcel Dettmann.

fabric London nightclub’s original record label was launched in 1999, and fabric Originals will join the club’s two other in-house labels, fabric Records and Houndstooth. 

Listen to Eris Drew and Octa Octa’s EP below –
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