All You Need to Know About Sun Sets Festival

Sun Sets Festival is kicking off the festive summer season in Australia! Curated by a local team of organizers, the festival will serve as a lively exhibition of the uniqueness, talent, and spirit of the northern beaches. In an all-day artistic and musical treat, Sun Sets Festival will showcase over 43 artists on December 3, 2022, at Rat Park in Warriewood. Get your tickets to this first-of-its-kind event on Ticket Fairy.

Commencing at 11 AM, Sun Sets will usher in the summer months with a full day of live music. Attendees will see an exciting melange of leading local acts, musicians, and artists worldwide. The festival will be sprawled across multiple specially designed stages, each featuring a different style of live music.

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Performances will be fanned out on different stage setups – the yellow stage for electronic music, the orange stage showcasing local bands and international artists, and the red stage will boast grooving tunes hosted by house music collective Miscreant. The performer’s line-up includes dance electro-pop music pair Barley Passable, indie rock group Eagle Eye Jones, singer and songwriter Berlyn, Ksea, Alex Hayes, Tori Levett, Jhelisa, Jamie Glover, Mozz, Silly Lily, Sult, and The Good Kids, to name a few.

Berlyn spoke about her upcoming set at Sun Sets Festival with us. She said, “Super keen to play a festival with this calibre of a line-up from Aussie and international artists – so many local independent acts on the bill too, which is really exciting to see. The guys organising this have done such a fantastic job – you’ll be mad if you miss this one.”

The electro-pop pair Barley Passable also chipped in their thoughts about the festival, saying: “It’s both great for all the artists as its really promoting local talent but also for the Northern Beaches to have a music festival like this is just so great as it has been lacking this for so long. Our set is going to be our usual level of chaos and energy with fresh dance moves and music designed specifically for the event.” You can also check out their latest single ‘Til I Say So’ by clicking here!

Rock group Jacket Weather will also be making their festival debut after winning the Battle of the Bands competition earning a spot to perform at Sun Sets Festival. This four-piece outfit dropped their second EP ‘Duck In A Row’ in September 2022, and fans can look forward to catching their latest single, ‘Hallow Passion’.

Performer Alex Hayes speaks about Sun Sets Festival
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The festival will be headlined by Australian artists – rapper, singer, and songwriter Allday, Bag Raiders (an electronic music duo consisting of Jack Glass and Chris Stracey), Nick Drabble, Set-Mo, indie outfits Sons of the East, The Grogans, and house music producers from Netherlands Indy ‘Artmann’ Artmanni, Marijn ‘M-HIGH’ Schiedon, and Jesse Jacob.

Sun Sets Festival is set to take place at Rat Park, the home turf of the Warringah rugby sports team. It is also known as Pittwater Rugby Park, and it has been transformed into a space where festival-goers, artists, and numerous performing musicians will congregate. The location will also offer a catering section with food trucks serving vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options and beverage stations providing alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages.

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Mates Finn Ashton and Zac Warneford, still in their 20s, are the co-founders of Sun Sets Festival. Together with their friends, the duo has put together an impressive talent pool of musicians, artists, audio-visual production teams, etc. The pair have taken a step ahead to document ‘How To Run A Music Festival’ – a string of videos on the festival’s Instagram handle.

Ahead of the festival, Zac Warneford told Manly Observer, “I can hardly wait for everyone to see the talent there is in this lineup and a new wave of local talent being able to follow their aspirations as artists… and something for people on the beaches to look forward to and enjoy together.”

Sun Sets Festival tickets, FAQs, and the entire artist lineup via the Ticket Fairy HERE

For more information and updates, visit Sun Sets Festival’s Website | Instagram | Facebook | Spotify

Artist’s performing at Sun Sets Festival: MiSCREANT | Barley Passable | Eagle Eye Jones | Berlyn | Ksea | Jacket Weather

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