VISION Recordings’ Newest 27-Track Album Titled ‘MISSION 02’

The celebrated bass music label has returned with its ‘Mission’ series where they bring the best talents from the scene together for an album.

There are good artists, there are great artists, there are incredible artists, and then there is Noisia. Ever since their debut, the Dutch trio has steadily changed the way we look at drum & bass and bass music in general. Consistently refreshing their palate and influencing every phase of electronic music in the last two decades, Noisia’s achievements and their significance to the scene are second to none.

Synonymous with intricate sound design that has sometimes defied the laws of conventional bass music, the trio are veterans across the underground and mainstream spectrum. Making their first official release in 2003, Noisia has since released seminal music, which includes four genre-bending albums that each outdo the one before.

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An important aspect of Noisia’s legendary stature are the record labels they have been running, pushing seriously talented artists into the fray. In drum & bass music, it doesn’t matter how old you are or how seasoned your career is; if your music gets signed to any one of Noisia’s Division, Invisible and VISION Recordings, you are old enough. This has been the norm for a number of years.

After more than a decade together, Noisia decided to part ways in order to focus on their individual careers. The announcement came as a major shock for the entire bass music community, but what hasn’t ceased is their VISION Recordings imprint. Choosing VISION (a palindrome of the name Noisia) as the way forward, the trio released their final studio album, along with music from other artists.

This year, like the last decade and a half, has been another successful one for the label, despite the doom and gloom surrounding Noisia’s departure. 2022 has seen VISION Recordings release music from Icicle, Current Value, Halogenix, Waeys, and many more. Now to close their year, Noisia has brought back their ‘Mission’ series. First released in 2020, ‘Mission’ is a gargantuan 27-track various artists album that brings several genres and some of the best and freshest talent together on the release.

Out on all platforms now, the ‘MISSION 02’ album features names like drum & bass powerhouses Current Value, Jam Thieves, dubstep phenomenon Hamdi, Rohaan, Tom Finster, and many more. Noisia says, “The ‘Mission’ series is where we seek to create new combinations and incite experimentation featuring heavyweight names mixed with exciting new talent from all over the globe.” They certainly haven’t missed a beat with the second edition.

Listen to the ‘MISSION 02’ album here:

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