Goldie and Doc Scott to Play Rare B2B Set, Along With Legendary DJ DB in NYC on December 16

Drum & bass label Driven AM returns to Brooklyn, New York, with arguably the biggest names in DnB, for an epic three-hour tag set! Set to take place at The Brooklyn Monarch, the evening will see an irresistible buffet of performances from artists Goldie, Doc Scott, Agent 137, Dave Shichman, and many more. Sprawled across two rooms with over ten performers on December 16, starting at 10 PM, this artist management agency wraps up an incredible year of NYCDNB! Read through to the end for an exclusive interview with Driven AM’s owner Dave Shichman and quotes from Goldie, Doc Scott and DJ DB, about the much-anticipated event; get your tickets at the Ticket Fairy.

Driven AM has evolved into a mainstay in New York City’s drum & bass culture since its inception in 2006. With Dave Shichman at the helm, this artist management agency and event production company hosts monthly events in New York City and bi-monthly events on Long Island. For the upcoming gig, as head honchos of the DnB scene, Driven AM has assembled a stellar lineup at Brooklyn Monarch that includes both members of their in-house crew and legends Goldie and Doc Scott!

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This special B2B themed event will take place at the Brooklyn Monarch on Meadow Street in Brooklyn, New York. DnB and house music will be showcased for the event in rooms 1 and 2, respectively.

Room 1 (the main room) will see Driven AM’s resident DJ and event coordinator Agent 137 (Kelly Ross) b2b D-Fly (Laylah Waters), DJ Linz b2b Kahncept, and Dave Shichman b2b Hambone take to the stage. House music will be on offer in room 2 (the side room) with veteran DB, Proper Villains, Driven AM’s co-owner Mixmaster Doc (Dan Brady), and resident DJ and event coordinator Mousky behind the deck!

British veteran heavyweights of jungle and drum & bass Goldie (Clifford Joseph Price) and Doc Scott (Scott McIlroy) will headline the event in the main room. Additionally, unnamed special guests have been announced to perform too!

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In anticipation of the coming event, Goldie notes, “I can’t wait to be playing back at Driven, it’s always been a home from home. It’s extra special because it’s me and Doc Scott, you know what I mean. Me and Scotty coming back here, we have done a few B2B over the years and they are very special when we get to do them. It’s a very proud place for me and Scotty to be, it reminds of how far we have come. I can’t wait for Friday.”

Doc Scott added, “Playing B2B with Goldie is always a special and fun time, to do it in New York and to have 3 hours will make it even more special, should be a good one, cant wait!”

Meanwhile, DB Burkeman shared his thoughts on the upcoming show on social media; he said: “When I first moved to NYC in 89 and was booked by all the “cool” clubs like MARS, Red Zone, MK, Palladium & Nells, etc, it was always to play house music sets. It’s been a million years since I’ve played house in a club, and I’m really excited to have been asked to join this sick lineup & event!” 

We had the chance to speak with Kelly Ross, aka Agent 137, who gave a shout-out to D-FLY and Driven AM co-founder Dave Shichman. She expressed, “First, I am very honored that Driven AM label boss Dave Shichman asked me to open for a special Goldie & Doc Scott back-to-back set – respect! Knowing it was going to be all tag sets in the DnB room, I asked D-FLY to be my tag partner. Why? Because she has really killed several Driven AM shows in the past. She is a true AMEN Junglista, where I Iean a little more to the FUNK N GRIND side – rarh!”

Speaking about her b2b set, Kelly Ross went on to say, “We have been getting together weekly for months now, to get pre-sesh noms in the city of all foodie cities – NYC – and then we jam out together for a few hours. It’s been a great process, a weekly stress reliever and IMO, it’s a great marriage of styles.”

“Our mission is to make you groove, FEEL and melt away any of the stress of the prior week… just in time for the one(s) the only(s) Metalheadz DONS- Goldie and Doc Scott – then it’s going to be another three hours of b2b sheer madness.All in all, we are here for the love of it and we hope you join us on this adventure. See you in the dance!” she added.

Q&A with Driven AM’s Dave Shichman

Owner of Driven AM Dave Shichman sat down with TFword to share thoughts about the upcoming monumental event:

TFword: How did you get Goldie and Doc Scott to do a B2B? Did they come up with the idea or did you?
DS: Both Goldie and Doc Scott have played in NYC this year to a fantastic reception. We sold out The Kingsland with Doc Scott in March and Goldie packed Brooklyn to capacity just 2 months ago. Goldie reached out to let me know he was in town for the holiday and we thought we would do something special and different. Most of us have seen the videos of Goldie and Doc Scott B2B, rewinding each other, MC’s trying and failing to hold Goldie back… Huge smiles, vibes for days, and major tunes. Wanted to bring that energy to NYC. 

TF: Was B2B something that evolved as an overall concept for the event, or was that your goal from the start?
DS: That was the goal from the start; each set in the main room is a B2B set, and two of three are a first time ever set, Hambone/me, Agent 137 & D-fly.

TF: What’s been your favorite thing about promoting events?
DS: Bringing people together! Yeah, the music is great, the lights, the sound, but it’s really about community. Driven AM events feel like a family reunion. We are so proud of the unity we have helped form in our scene, promoters from every party working together, very little drama (especially for a “scene”), inclusive, friendly and positive. My favorite thing is when someone says how much the parties mean to them. It’s a very challenging world out there, if my team and I can provide a place for people to let go of their troubles and get lost in the music and the moment, my job is done. 

TF: As a DJ and promoter, how are those roles similar? Different?
DS: Two different roles that compliment each other. I’ve been Djing since 97 and throwing events since around the same time, although I did not get into promoting DnB events until around 2001. Ultimately, both are about bringing people to the dancefloor, so perhaps closer than people think. DJing is about pleasing the crowd (although DJs often fall back on pleasing themselves, I’m certainly guilty of it sometimes!) Promoting is no different; make people happy and feel welcomed and they will return. So it’s important to me to be positive, friendly and approachable when both promoting and Djing if that makes sense. 

Strong presence behind the decks, big tunes, friendly energy, all help people get into a set that helps as a drawing DJ. Being approachable and friendly helps as well, people don’t want to support DJs or Promoters who have egos, negative energy or who don’t treat the crowd with respect. It’s also important for me to play different tunes in each set and not to play my own party too often. Promoting has a similar vibe, don’t over book people, make sure the DJs are good and greet every person who walks in with a smile and gratitude.  

TF: What are you most looking forward to at your event? For 2023?
DS: I’m tagging with a good friend and New York Junglists’s own Hambone for the first time ever. Excited for that. Also have resident Agent 137 tagging with D-Fly for direct support right before the headliners, should be really fun. We have a big show on March 17th that I’ve been trying to make happen for about a decade, so I’m pretty excited about that. Also our yearly DnB BBQ presented by DJ Strife and Driven AM is typically the best day of the year. Also another Boat party (…or 2). Mainly, I’m excited to keep growing our scene, bringing in more people.

Buy your tickets for GOLDIE & DOC SCOTT (Metalheadz) @ Driven AM, NYC via The Ticket Fairy: HERE

Artists performing at the event: Goldie | Doc Scott | Db Burkeman | Agent 137 | D-Fly | Mousky | DJ Linz | Kahncept | Proper Villains | Dave Shichman

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