Trance Effect’s New Pop Rock Single ‘Blue Sweatshirt’ Beams Hope for a Brighter 2023

January 2023 closes out with Nagaland-based alternative rock band Trance Effect releasing its latest positive, bluesy pop-rock single, ‘Blue Sweatshirt.’

Running back the clock to one of the worst times in recent history, Trance Effect’s newest song recognizes that the COVID-19 pandemic may be slowly becoming a thing of the past. It offers up a suggestion that the pandemic experiences may have been heartbreaking, but there are a few precious ones too. ‘Blue Sweatshirt’ is free in form and unquestionably uplifting in spirit.

I only see you through the screen
Wanting to be there with you,
I wish I had a Time Machine,
I’ll punch the day I finally meet you

Lyrically written through the lens of “lockdown love,” ‘Blue Sweatshirt’ acknowledges that in the most bitter moments of the pandemic, the pursuit of finding love and loved ones went on. It delves into the feeling when your loved ones are distant from you and circumstances prevent you from meeting them. The five-piece outfit makes a case about a pandemic, stating that “no one can argue that it has touched the lives of almost everyone on this planet.”

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Trance Effect – Blue Sweatshirt

The official music video on YouTube for ‘Blue Sweatshirt’ currently boasts over 4,000 views since its release, with heaps of praise in the comments. It’s presented as a jam room session, with each musician taking turns swapping instruments.

“This song is about this cute couple that met online during the lockdown and their love story. It’s about the couple’s urge to meet each other in the midst of the lockdown,” said Sosang Lkr, songwriter and drummer of Trance Effect, in the press release. “It’s a song with straightforward lyrics and anyone who listens to it can very easily make out what the song is all about.”

Formed in 2017 and based in Dimapur (the largest city in Nagaland, India), Trance Effect has a strong following in the Indian indie music scene. The quintet consists of Luli Yeptho on vocals, Sosang Lkr on drums, Tako Chang on guitar, Imnamaong Imchen on bass, and Temsujungba Jamir on guitar. Their debut EP Clowns, released in 2020, was widely praised and well-received. ‘Blue Sweatshirt’ also maintains a level of continuity by referencing “time machine” from “Of Time Machine and Never Ending Stories” from their debut EP. It also flows up on ‘Took Me A While,’ which features a quarantine video compilation.

Listen to ‘Blue Sweatshirt’: HERE

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