Tansen., NEel and Atteev Talks About Painful Memories on ‘Fasley’

Merely a month after releasing ‘Jugnoo’ with gini, bedroom producer Tansen. is back with a new single in collaboration with NEel and Atteev.

After debuting in 2020 with ‘Varanasi,’ one of their biggest hits to date, the anonymous artist Tansen. has continued to churn out a menagerie of tunes as solo projects and with trusted collaborators. And now, for what could presumably be their final release of the year, Tansen. decided to make it count with the release of their newest single, ‘Fasley’. Described as a song about bitter “memories and feelings” with a person from your past, ‘Fasley’ is a collaborative work with NEel and Atteev. 

Following the release of the track on December 2, we had a talk with Tansen. discussing ‘Fasley’, their experience as a producer and frequent collaborator, and more!

What was the inspiration for ‘Fasley’?

I vaguely remember it. NEel and I were on the phone discussing our first track (which we never released); we were looking through my old projects when we came across the guitar loop, and Neel instantly connected with it and wanted to write something on it. He completed writing the whole song, and we finished the track but felt we needed someone for the ‘hook’ part, and Atteev was there for the rescue.

Talk to us about your experience of collaborating with NEeL and Atteev on your latest single, ‘Fasley’. Could you share a few highlights of the creative process behind it?

The experience is substantial; all of us make new friends, learn new production techniques, and gain knowledge about music. The process is hard to define because if you have an idea and the other person connects with it, then it’s just a matter of time, or else it takes ages to complete a collaboration. 

What do you expect from the listeners after hearing this track?

‘Fasley’ is a different track than what I usually produce. This is a genre I tried for the first time and enjoyed making it. I have mixed feelings about what listeners would think as the lyrics are ‘sad’ and the music has a ‘dancehall’ vibe.

This is your second collaboration with Atteev, how did the experience of working together on ‘Rum & Her’ differ from ‘Fasley’?

The role Atteev had on the track was little but significant, as he drives the ‘hook’ of the song and keeps the track glued together. The experience was nothing different from ‘Rum & Her.’ If Atteev vibes to a song, you get the vocals within an hour, period.

You are thriving steadily as a rising bedroom producer, what aspect of this production style works best for you, and what are the challenges?

Basically, I wanted to start as a lo-fi producer, but as the years passed, I wanted to try different genres. For now, I don’t have any specific production style. I play the trial-and-error game. 1,00,000 songs are uploaded daily to Spotify and other DSPs; standing out from them is the biggest challenge.

What are Tansen.’s plans heading into 2023?

I have a business to manage, so I produce in my free time. I do not go pre-planned about this, although I wish to release two EPs on which I am currently working, both of which are completely different from what I usually make. I already have completed two songs each (drum roll), let’s hope the audience loves them and are excited as I am to release them.

Listen to ‘Fasley’ by Tansen., NEel and Atteev HERE

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The interview has been edited for clarity.

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