Lost Love Heads to Montréal for 10th Anniversary Celebration Tour on March 30

Montréal-based melodic pop punk band Lost Love is celebrating its tenth anniversary by embarking on a cross-country tour of Canada! This tour also includes stops at the Booze Cruise festival in Hamburg, Germany, and Obenuse Fest in Zurich, and Switzerland. On March 30, 2023, the four-piece outfit take over the stage at Turbo Haüs in Montréal, along with local icons The Fake Friends and Taxi Girls. Get your tickets to celebrate Lost Love’s anniversary from The Ticket Fairy.

Lost Love banded together in 2013, with frontman Guilhem Benard and drummer Vinny as the only original members. The band has performed over 300 gigs in over 15 countries across cities in Europe and North America. They have released four studio albums in their career so far, which includes – ‘Sparkles‘ (2014), ‘Comfortable Scars‘ (2016), ‘Good Luck Rassco‘ (2018), and ‘Empathy‘ (2021). Lost Love’s ‘Portuguese Knives,’ ‘Ontarien Demandé,’ and ‘Take Care, Get Better, See You Never‘ are among their most popularly streamed songs on Spotify.

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We used this occasion to contact Love Lost to get a few words from them about their upcoming gig; they said, “It’s been a fun run. Most bands don’t even get out of a rehearsal space and we managed to keep the same band name for 10 years. But it’ll be a fun show!”

The show begins at 8 PM with Montréal’s own powerhouse trio Taxi Girls and The Fake Friends, who return to Turbo Haüs, where the band recorded the video for their hit punk/pop-rock single ‘Mile End‘ (2021).

Turbo Haüs is a chic cocktail bar and live music space located on Rue Saint-Denis in Montréal. Cheekly, the establishment describes itself as “A cocktail bar that puts on shows for bands we like—Anti-mosh, pro-dance, disco enthusiasts. Take your tough guy shit somewhere else.” It also boasts its own range of T-shirts, hoodies, and other accessories.

For tickets to Lost Love’s 10th Anniversary Show in Montréal, visit The Ticket Fairy: HERE

Artists performing at the event: Lost Love | The Fake Friends | Taxi Girls

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