Guitarist-Singer Zohran Miranda Shares New EP, ‘Time for Two’

Following a brief interlude since his last release, Mumbai-based guitarist-singer Zohran Miranda has shared his newest EP, ‘Time for Two.’

Rising into the Indian music scene as a well-acclaimed session guitarist by playing for the likes of Bollywood producers Amit Trivedi and Mikey McCleary, Zohran Miranda established his footing as an indie artist with the release of his single, ‘Ready for Love.’ While the guitarist has been a part of several bands and music projects, even taking on the role of being singer-songwriter Nikhil D’Souza’s guitarist for his live shows, it wasn’t until 2020 that Zohran kicked off his independent music journey with the Quadrilogy project.
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After dropping four singles – ‘Ready for Love,’ ‘Wonder,’ ‘8-Bit Rules,’ and the most recent ‘Heavy on Time,’ Zohran ends the Quadrilogy series and steps into his latest set. ‘Time for Two’ is a 5-track EP released in early April this year, featuring RnB/indie pop singer Yamini Lavanian as well as Riya Duggal and Simran Duggal of pop duo Simetri on vocals. It was co-produced with longtime collaborator Jovian Soans, who also mixed and mastered the entire project.

Keeping Zohran’s signature pop-tronic sound across the EP, he seamlessly imbued notes of lo-fi electronic, RnB funky disco and retro-futuristic synth machines to elevate and distinguish ‘Time for Two’ from its predecessor. It also includes a reprised version of his previously released single, ‘8-Bit Rules.’

Lyrically, ‘Time for Two’ talks about ‘ascension;’ of delving and evolving into the ultimate version of yourself amidst the tribulations you face in life. “In the last two years of writing and producing these songs, I have taken on new avatars that I never knew existed,” Zohran says about working on his new EP in a press release.

“I pushed back on the idea that we’re supposed to be on one path alone, and fought my inner demons, to believe I could put my name on my own projects and work with peers I was once intimidated to work with. Hence, Time for Two, is the robotic me having a conversation with my spirit animal and saying, I don’t want to just see who I am, I want to experience who I am,” he added.

Expect a music video for the title track ‘Time for Two,’ with visuals of robots and a mystic cat embracing spontaneity amidst a monotonous life!

Check out ‘Time for Two’ by Zohran Miranda: HERE

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