Singer-Songwriter Temsu Clover Releases New Single ‘Sally Forth’ Ahead of Debut Album

Following the release of Temsu’s latest single ‘Sally Forth’ last month, we had the opportunity to speak with the talented singer-songwriter and delve deeper into the story behind the song, the music video and her upcoming album.

Nagaland-based Temsu Clover (Temsukala Lemtur), a musician and storyteller, performs with her band that includes a guitarist, bassist, keyboardist, and drummer. She lauded them with praise for her latest work, a number she claims to be a “bedroom production.” We dove right into the creative process of ‘Sally Forth,’ with the vocalist explaining, “The song ‘Sally Forth’ is one of the hardest songs I ever had to write (as of now). Written in 2021, the emotional weight of the lyric was inspired by my close friends. It’s a story about them.”

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She adds, “Even the strings were programmed in our bedrooms. It’s basically a bedroom production. Theja Chase (the guitarist), Eli Patton (the keyboard player), and Vitz Zhimo (the producer) were all involved. They understood my vision for ‘Sally Forth’ & made the song come to life.”

We frequently hear music with lyrics that tell a story about a strained relationship, love, heartbreak, the challenges of moving past, and so on. Temsu conveys a theme of moving on from a toxic relationship with subtle strumming throughout the single. “‘Sally Forth’ is a song about moving on from a toxic relationship. Based on my experience, it’s a vulnerable topic. A lot of people going through this don’t openly talk about it. I wanted to say that in a song & for whoever relates to this song, to be healed & find a friend in it,” she elucidates.

“It’s insane how beautiful art is. You create something for the whole world to see and now it becomes a part of them.”

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Since its release, ‘Sally Forth’ has amassed over 50,000 views on YouTube, with the comments sections reading a heap of praise and appreciation for the single. “Damn! It’s only February, but I already know what my Spotify song no. 1 of the year will be Great work done, Miss Temsu Clover,” “No doubt Clover always amazes us with her wonderful story through her music. My year starts with this song. Thank you” and “Another good song added to my playlist. Love your songs, and your voice – very unimaginably soothing. Keep it coming,” read a selection of comments under the video.

When we probed about the positive outcome, Temsu responded by saying, “It makes me so happy knowing that my song is received with so much love. I’ve been getting messages on how they relate to the song. It’s insane how beautiful art is. You create something for the whole world to see and now it becomes a part of them.”
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In addition to her songwriting and vocals, she was also tangled in the creative process for the video as a screenwriter. Temsu also called up Ben Patton, the director of her previous single ‘Midnight Disco,’ to co-author the music video, and worked with videographer Kohdi Jing.

We had to ask her if the resulting video captured all that she put down in words and her thoughts on it. With laughter, she recalls, “Topper quality it is!” Temsu elaborated, “I worked with Kohdi Jing, who is an amazing videographer. I wanted the video to be both sonically and visually in sync. Like a short film that will complement the lyrics.

“He (Jing) immediately picked it up and understood the assignment. My friend Ben Patton, who is the co-writer, helped me with this with her insights. Not to forget the actors Kilang Jamir & Temjennaro, who gave life to my protagonists. This is the work of not a single hand but rather a team at work!”

Temsu Clover- Sally Forth
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The conversation led to the unraveling of Temsu’s creative process for a song. “For me, it’s authenticity,” she declares. “Nothing tops this one. You can be the best singer or the best guitar player but if there is no authenticity, you’ll just be another singer.”

“Passion with stress is a very dangerous combination.”

She discloses to us her most memorable moment after getting back on stage post the pandemic. “There was this one time at a show in Kohima called ‘Casual Listening’. I was headlining. The band and I were performing on the stage. Meanwhile, this guy (a little tipsy perhaps) started singing all of my songs. All the lyrics in the correct order! Even the ones that aren’t released yet.”

“The band and I were caught off guard. Turns out, he had always been coming to my live shows and that made me so happy. It was a beautiful sight!” She also states, “I am enjoying every bit of it. I am also trying my best not to burn out and to take care of my mental health whilst working. Passion with stress is a very dangerous combination.”

Image Via Temsu Clover
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A debut album is in sight for Temsu, who unveiled the news slyly alongside the release of ‘Sally Forth.’ Amidst the preparations for a record and live shows, we wondered how life would be for Temsu Clover – the musician, and for Temsukala Lemtur – the person. She remarked, “I am going at it positively as I work for the things I want. Sometimes life doesn’t work out the way you always want but I have faith in what I do. The future looks promising because working hard will never let you down. Both as a musician & as Temsukala Lemtur.”

Temsu also offered some hints on how her album is shaping up. She shares, “All I can say for now is that it’s going to be different. The album has more than 5 songs and there are no collaborations. It’s just me, the band – Theja Chase, Eli Patton, Lima Jamir, and Imti Imchen, and more written stories.”

With a hearty laugh, she concludes, “I want to say more but maybe save the rest for later?”

Listen to Sally Forth by Temsu Clover HERE

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