Joyhauser Drop Their Debut Album, ‘In Memoro’

The Belgian techno powerhouse duo has released their debut album which features their trademark arsenal of hard-hitting techno music.

The culmination of a friendship formed in 2004 coupled with their deep passion for electronic music culture has resulted in one of the most exciting, incendiary acts in today’s techno scene. Since their emergence in 2017, Joyhauser has produced some of the most mind-bending techno we’ve heard in recent years while smashing dance floors across the world.

Thanks to their impressive arsenal of hard-hitting beats accompanied by captivating and melancholic strings, Joyhauser’s raw techno mixed with epic harmonies is now regarded as the duo’s signature sound. Preferring not to rush, the duo cultivated and nurtured their music over many years before presenting it to the public. As a result, the powerful duo’s music now stands in a class of its own with releases on Terminal M, Second State and Kraftek.

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Taking another significant step in their career, Joyhauser has now unveiled their highly-anticipated debut album, ‘In Memoro.’ Chartered via their staple home Terminal M, the twelve-track LP was teased in recent months with the release of its lead singles ‘Wasted,’ ‘Liberty’ and ‘Bassdrone.’

Encroaching the pinnacle of success, the release of ‘In Memoro’ marks a seminal point in the duo’s career. Having delivered a consistent stream of hit records for the underground community, the pair’s inaugural album showcases their production efforts on the global stage, expanding on their flourishing discography in conceptual style. Representing some of their most daring and progressive opuses to date, the album’s collection of tracks gives us a more realized impression of the duo’s unrelenting creativity and ability to not only create peak-time worthy records but to produce with ‘the journey’ in mind.

Woven between the album’s peak-time-worthy hits is a series of ambient and crossbreed offerings that present an entirely new perspective to Joyhauser’s sound palate. To the excitement of long-standing fans, ‘In Memoro’ features a whole host of domineering techno hits that champion the stylistic leanings we’ve come to know and love from the pair.

Flawlessly executed from start to finish, Joyhauser’s debut album is the result of years of hard work and dedication to the scene. The full-length studio album is now available to stream across all digital platforms, with its subsequent vinyl release date set to be announced shortly.

Joyhauser – In Memoro is out now via Terminal M

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