Nikhil D’Souza Explores the Pitfalls of Continuing a Relationship In New Single, ‘Because Because Because’

Mumbai-based singer-songwriter Nikhil D’Souza unveils brand new single, ‘Because Because Because,’ a collaborative music composition in tandem with Grammy nominee Jamie Hartman and Grammy, CMT Award nominee Jeff Cohen.

Nikhil D’Souza follows up his cheery Hindi-worded outing ‘Socho,’ with a fresh new English single ‘Because Because Because.’ Cobbled together with a team of international heavyweights, the four-minute track showcases Nikhil’s vocal prowess delivered powerfully and elegantly throughout the song. The music invites listeners to a journey commencing with a slick guitar composition, steady drum work, and flowing vocal harmonies.

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The singer-songwriter commented on the new track, saying, “A lot of the songs I had written, either by myself or with other writers around 2013-2016, were about the ecstasy and the pitfalls that one mostly experiences in the early stages of a relationship. ‘Because Because Because’ was one of those songs and it deals with the stage of the relationship where we question whether we actually want this or not.”

Further diving into the tune, Nikhil said, “This new track delves into the thoughts of how breaking up seems convenient but staying together is hard. If you’re looking for one reason to not be with someone, a thousand reasons present themselves. At its heart, a relationship only really survives because both people truly want it to.”

Nikhil D’souza – Because Because Because

Nikhil has been strumming the guitar and singing ever since he was twelve and has made a huge name for himself in the Indian music scene. The musician’s 2020 four-track EP, ‘Waqt,’ charted at number one on Rolling Stone India’s 10 Best Indian EPs of 2020. The artist has had a well-received slew of live performances in 2023, performing at over twenty-five college festivals across the country. The next few months will witness a busy release schedule, pinnacling with an EP release toward the tail end of the year.

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