International Awareness Days of August 2023

International awareness days and weeks are observed each month to educate us about issues affecting people around us as well as our environment. They enlighten us, help us learn more about different people and cultures, bring people together to take action and also celebrate languages, people, and more. From ‘World Breastfeeding Week’ observed from August 1 – 7 to ‘International Day for People of African Descent’ celebrated on August 31, we have compiled a list of all the awareness days and weeks in August 2023 that you should know about.

August 1 – 7, 2023

World Breastfeeding Week

Breast Milk is clean and contains antibodies that help protect against illnesses. It is ideal for infants as it is safe and supplies a child with nutrients. They get the energy that they need at the beginning of their life from breast milk. The World Breastfeeding Week from August 1 – 7 promotes breastfeeding. Breast milk helps fight bacteria and has many benefits for a child. Even today, very few countries in the world demand employers to provide paid leave for breastfeeding and less than half the children under the age of 6 months are solely breastfed. People need to support mothers so that breastfeeding can be easier. 

August 9, 2023

International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples

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The International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples is observed on August 9 to highlight the role of Indigenous people. The day helps raise awareness about the needs of indigenous people. They are also among the most vulnerable in society. There are about 476 million indigenous people living across 90 countries on our planet. Violence, discrimination, sexual violence, murder, and labor exploitation, indigenous people continue to face difficulties and abuse, and are often at risk and their rights have been violated for a long, long time. This day also helps raise awareness that their rights need to be protected.  

August 12, 2023

International Youth Day

International Youth Day was first celebrated in 1999. The day highlights the contributions and progress the youth is making in our society. It also underlines their right to education and healthcare. The International Youth Day on August 12 also gives us an opportunity to draw attention to the challenges the youth around the world are facing today. The 2023 theme for the day is Green Skills for Youth: Towards a Sustainable World. It is important for the youth to develop green skills as they can respond to the global crisis longer than others. 

August 19, 2023
World Humanitarian Day

People around the world need humanitarian assistance due to violence, natural disasters, extreme weather events due to climate change, conflicts, and much more. They need clean water, food, sanitation, shelter, clothes, medical attention, healthcare and other necessities to get by. We need to support one another during a crisis in whatever way we can. The World Humanitarian Day on August 19 pays tribute to humanitarian aid workers, professionals, and volunteers who have helped ease the pain of those in difficult situations. World Humanitarian Day is observed on August 19 in honor of the humanitarian aid workers who died in a bombing of the Canal Hotel in Baghdad, Iraq in 2003 on August 19. This day encourages us to reach out to those in need.

August 21, 2023
International Day of Remembrance and Tribute to the Victims of Terrorism

The International Day of Remembrance and Tribute to the Victims of Terrorism is a day to support the victims of terrorism. The Day was designated in remembrance of the victims of terrorism. It underlines the horrors of terrorism and how it affects survivors and victims. 

August 22, 2023
International Day Commemorating the Victims of Acts of Violence Based on Religion or Belief

Religious intolerance and acts of violence based on religion and belief are still hurting people today. The International Day Commemorating the Victims of Acts of Violence Based on Religion or Belief is held on August 22. It spreads awareness about the attacks on places of worship as well as the violence people face for practicing their religion. The day urges us to hold the perpetrators accountable as we have the freedom of religion and belief. 

August 23, 2023
International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and Its Abolition

The 2023 theme for International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and Its Abolition is Fighting slavery’s legacy of racism through transformative education. This day is observed on August 23 because an uprising that played an important role in the abolition of the transatlantic slave trade started on the night of August 22. This was in 1791 in Saint Domingue. Slavery is rooted in racism and discrimination which led to the loss of life, oppression, violence, and intergenerational trauma. The enslaved people were brave in the face of adversity. Racism and harmful prejudices are still present today and we must work together to end injustice and racial discrimination. 

August 29, 2023
International Day Against Nuclear Tests

Thousands of nuclear tests have been conducted since 1945 which has harmful effects on people as well as the planet. The International Day against Nuclear Tests was observed in 2010 for the very first time. It helps raise awareness about the effects of nuclear weapons and urges governments to end nuclear testing.

August 30, 2023
International Day of the Victims of Enforced Disappearances

Enforced disappearance is a form of terror used as a means of spreading fear in conflicts, harassment of witnesses, and political repression. The victims are in a state of anguish, while their families, loved ones and communities fear for their lives. Their family members are constantly in search of the victim, become directly affected by the disappearance of their loved one, and are also vulnerable to violence themselves. The International Day of the Victims of Enforced Disappearances designated on August 30 spreads awareness about enforced disappearances, how it affects the victims and how it creates terror within families and communities.

August 31, 2023
International Day for People of African Descent

The International Day for People of African Descent is celebrated on August 31 and was held in 2021 for the first time. The day highlights the outstanding contributions of the African diaspora around the world. This Day which was first celebrated in 2021 also puts an emphasis on the need to end discrimination against people of African descent. 

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