Radio Slave Brings Cagedbaby to Rekids On ‘Amnesia’

‘Amensia’ is a love letter to European dance music of the 80s.

Known for his hypnotic tracks and remixes, adventurous DJ sets, and his well-respected label REKIDS, Matt Edwards is one of the most important names in electronic music. Originally a pop remix project at the start of the 2000s, Radio Slave with his rave-influenced music has delivered some of the most essential records of the last two decades.

The Radio Slave project gained notice for remixes of Kylie Minogue, Elton John, Fischerspooner, and others, as well as bootleg edits and remixes that appeared through Edwards’ label Rekid. He launched a separate label called REKIDS in 2006 and began releasing original material, starting with glitchy, buzzy tech-house tracks like “My Bleep” and “Secret Base.”

Though he has always focused on club-tooled singles, he’s gradually expanded his sound from minimal and tech-house to more melodic, rave-influenced house, additionally leaning towards ambient and Detroit techno with the more abstract 2017 full-length album ‘Feel the Same’

For his latest music incarnation, Radio Slave has continued his tight run of singles on Rekids with the blissed-out and Balearic ‘Amnesia’ featuring long-time collaborator Cagedbaby, mirrored by the track’s artwork courtesy of Dave Swindells book ‘Ibiza 89’. 

I’ve always romanticized about Ibiza in the mid to late 80s. Partying outside. Listening to that perfect mix of European dance tracks and 80’s extended pop mixes and ‘Amensia’ is a love letter to that era.” – Radio Slave 

Tying together a blissful mix of freefalling drum breaks and sultry vocals, ‘Amnesia’ pairs uplifting atmospherics, elevating layers of synthesis and stirring pads which add to its emotive lyricism. With an instrumental on the reverse, ‘Amnesia’ delivers another stellar offering from Radio Slave that follows ‘Strobe Queen’, ‘Wake Up’, ‘Wild Life’ and ‘Can’t Get You.’

‘Amnesia’ is out on all platforms via Radio Slave’s label REKIDS.

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