Vedant Chauhan Takes You Back in Time on New Album, ‘Vinyl’

New Delhi-based singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Vedant Chauhan has released his second album, ‘Vinyl,’ crammed with ten tracks emitting blues, rock, jazz, and folk themes.

Indian musician Vedant Chauhan follows up his debut soft rock album ‘Love, V,’ released in December 2022, with his Beatles, Billy Joel, Bruno Major, and Pink Floyd-influenced album ‘Vinyl.’ The release is a lyrical collection of short stories spouting from Chauhan’s romantic escapades and fictitious characters based on his everyday observations.

‘Hey There, Goodbye,’ a sonic expedition back to the swinging sixties, opens out the EP and sets the tone for the music to come. ‘My Love’ follows next, featuring quickfire guitar strumming, shakers, and gentle vocal harmonies. The slow-paced ‘Wish I Could Tell Her’ and the album-concluding rock single ‘Haunted By Your Gaze’ touch upon the artist’s previous romantic encounters. ‘Haunted By Your Gaze’, a blues-rock/grunge-esque tune reels in captivating lyrics, a searing guitar solo, and powerful vocal arrangments.

Songs ‘Annie,’ ‘Zerah,’ and ‘Barbie’s House‘ address imaginary characters who are inspired by Vedant’s real-life observations. ‘Annie’ pours out a rich violin segment courtesy of violinist Prerna Venkataramanan, while ‘Barbie’s House’ also incorporates a horde of delicate keys and string components. ‘Dirty Loving‘ slips into an indie pop rock melody; ‘Zerah’ and ‘Alone I Wish To Be‘ serve as the songwriter’s finger-snapping jazz composition.

Speaking about the album, Vedant claims, “I don’t think I can say that I’ve written any of the songs in this album. For some reason, these lyrics, the tunes, and the compositions just came to me on their own. I like to think these songs wrote themselves. All I had to do was put pen on the paper and record.”

Vedant, born in 2001, also states that he does not consider himself to be an outstanding vocalist or performer. He reveals, “I also don’t consider myself a great singer or instrumentalist. I believe my strongest bit out of everything I do is the songwriting and that too is only because of the kind of artists I’ve grown up listening to.”

Album Credits
Composer: Vedant Chauhan
Co-writer: Joel Francis
Violins and Strings : Prerna Venkataramanan
Backing Vocals: Dan Chong Sangma
Mixing and Mastering: Nakull Wadhawan

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