Perp and Avyay Release New Dreamy Pop Single, ‘Bottom of the Sea’

Mumbai-based singer/songwriter Urmila Sivadas, best known as Perp, follows up her last release, ‘Easy Come Easy Go,’ with a fresh new tune titled ‘Bottom of the Sea’ featuring singer/guitarist Avyay Gujral.

An upbeat, bouncy pop tune, ‘Bottom of the Sea’ flares out a whimsical sonic journey with cheery lyrics. The song is sealed with elegant vocal arrangements, spirited synth patterns, sleek guitar rhythms, and somber key sections with stellar vocal harmonies forming the outro.

Released on October 27, ‘Bottom of the Sea’ is Delhi-based Avyay Gujral aka Avyay’s debut music release after working with the likes of rock band Indian Ocean, musician Prateek Kuhad, and singer-songwriter Anoushka Maskey.

The duo introduced the song via a series of witty portraits, featuring them in Austin Powers (‘International Man of Mistery’) getups on the shoreline alongside an octopus, Avyay’s take on the Champagne Incident beside a whale, the duo catching what appears to be a barramundi, Perp in a goldfish bowl, and more.

Speaking about ‘Bottom of the Sea’ on social media, Perp echoed, “It’s a song about reconnecting with the most childlike and vulnerable parts of ourselves. We are all getting older but there’s still a small kid hidden inside seeking nothing more than to play.”

Bottom of the Sea’ by Perp and Avyay is currently available on all streaming platforms.

Song Credits:
Songwriting, Composition, Vocals: Urmila Sivadas
Songwriting, Composition, Vocals, Guitars, Producer, Recording Engineer: Avyay Gujral
Producer, Keyboards, Synths: Aadarsh Subramaniam
Bass Guitar, Producer, Recording Engineer: Amar Pandey
Drums and Percussion: Nikhil Vasudevan
Mix Engineer: Krishna Rao
Mastering Engineer: Gethin John
Artwork: Natasha Ravindran
Photography: The Fine Grain Project

Find the artists online: Perp | Avyay

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