Chizai Evokes Heartache And Loss In New Single, ‘AWOL’

New Delhi-based sextet Chizai paints the rousing of a disappearing love in their latest flamenco-pop single, ‘AWOL.’

While Chizai are known to seamlessly coalesce pop, R&B and soul in their previous numbers, the band builds an audacious footing in a novel genre for ‘AWOL.’ A solemn and clean guitar work opens up the track as it featly subsumes into a rhythmic percussive loop and onto a dextrous electric guitar solo pieced in the milieu of Spain’s flamenco pop. It quickly blooms as Chizai’s vocalist Sultan Aftab Khan tugs on the heartstrings with his cadence, narrating the heartache and conundrums of a love that left like a bolt out of the blue. ‘AWOL’ is layered delectably with their signature pop/rock sound, amidst a bed of distinct melodica and bass riffs to accentuate the poignance of the track.

“‘AWOL’ tells a poignant story of being ghosted, resonating with anyone who has experienced the emotional rollercoaster of a disappearing love,” shared Chizai in a statement. “The track resonates with anyone who has experienced the heartache of a relationship abruptly cut short, leaving them with questions that remain unanswered.”

Comprised of musicians Sultan Aftab Khan, Chie Nishikori, Ajitesh Bohra, Kartik Chandel, Arjun Ghai, and Sarthak Bhayana, Chizai’s newest release comes after their 2021 pop album ‘Lossless.’ The outfit hit the road soon after the release of ‘AWOL’ for their Mumbai-Pune 2023 tour, performing at SoundRise, The Lil Flea, SWIG Bar and Horn OK Please festival. Chizai will follow up ‘AWOL’ with a brand new single in March, with more to come shortly after!

Song credits –
Artist: Chizai
Composed by: Chizai
Performed by: Sultan Aftab Khan, Chie Nishikori, Ajitesh Bohra, Kartik Chandel, Arjun Ghai, Sarthak Bhayana
Lyrics: Sultan Aftab Khan
Produced by: Chizai
Mixed & Mastered by: Aman Moroney

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