Carnival Inna Capital To Bring Zed Bias, GhostNotes And More

Canberra’s multipurpose venue Reload Bar & Games opens its doorways to throngs of reggae, dubstep, garage, DnB, and dancehall vibes as Carnival Inna Capital takes shape, with UK Garage/2-step, broken beat fame Zed Bias leading the charge! Patched in for February 17 in Australia’s capital, tickets to Carnival Inna Capital are available now at The Ticket Fairy.

A spectacular concoction of Caribbean, African, Euro, and UK sounds is poised to make its mark on the streets in February 2024. Seamed together by an unbelievable mix bag of promoters, including SOLIS, IWRDM, Headz Are Rolling, It’s A London Thing, and Subtropics Festival, this celebration of sound system culture comes in the form of Carnival Inna Capital – a day-long showcase at Reload Bar and its verity lane entrance.

Commencing from 2 PM onwards and trotting on into the wee hours of the night, the laneway brags sound system courtesy of Reggae Disco Machine, whereas the venue piles up rigs from Crooked Sound System and Canberra’s Headz Are Rolling crew. Busting open the artist card, the inside arena sees Mariana Dub (Tim Penkethman-Boxshall), duo Tidy and Samwise, multi-genre DJ duo Burley Bassweight (DJs Gammacell and Cetacean), Notes N Keys, Rascal and UK Garage staples It’s A London Thing crew storm the dance floor.

The party outdoors kicks off with Manchester-based electronic artist Dave Jones under his Zed Bias alias, alongside acts GhostNotes, Dan Hayward aka DJHRH, Paulius, Fresco, and Sydney’s Inner West Reggae Disco Crew (IWRDM). Zed Bias’ appearance at this spectacle also comes as part of his recently announced ’25 YEARS DEEP’ AUNZ tour, commemorating twenty-five years of releasing music under the Zed Bias moniker, with gigs also slotted in for Auckland, Christchurch, Melbourne, and Sydney.

Get your tickets to Carnival Inna Capital in Canberra from The Ticket Fairy

Artists performing at Carnival Inna Capital: Zed Bias | GhostNotes | Tidy and Samwise | DJHRJ | Mariana Dub

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