Greentea Peng Added Two New Shows In Singapore And Bali

London’s soulful singer/songwriter Aria Wells, best known as Greentea Peng, takes her flamboyant melange of soul, R&B, hip-hop, jazz, funk, dub, and reggae to Singapore and Bali this month. Together with her live band, Greentea Peng will light up Bali’s bona fide microbrewery Black Sand Brewery in Canggu on Wednesday, February 28, and then onto Singapore’s National Performing Arts Centre – Esplanade Singapore, on Thursday, February 29. Tickets to Greentea Peng’s show in Singapore and Bali are currently still on sale; gather your gig gang and grab yours today from The Ticket Fairy!

Inspired by everything from Rastafarianism to R&B, the songstress made a notable rise in the global music scene post her 2018 debut EP ‘Sensi,’ performing at numerous shows and festivals across Europe. The following year, Greentea Peng made her India debut (alongside veteran DJ Uri and rapper Dee MC) and also produced a tantalizing vocal display at Boiler Room Festival’s Jazz showcase.

Peng’s debut album ‘MAN MADE‘ was released in 2021 and garnered praise across the board, with British music and culture media outlet NME calling it a “spellbinding debut steeped in spiritual reflections.” Several contributors, including the likes of Nat Powers and Jon Mills (‘Your Mind’), MJ Cole and Swindle (‘Stuck In The Middle’), and St. Francis Hotel (‘Look To Him’), are included in her last album, ‘Greenzone 108‘ released in 2022.

In an interview segment with Paper Sessions by OCB, Aria discussed the roots of her music moniker, declaring, “I didn’t just want to be known as Aria.” She further elaborated that green tea was her preferred choice of beverage and she loves the word ‘peng,’ which is UK slang for “beautiful,” “good,” or “attractive.”

Wells’ jaunts in Southeast Asia arrive on the back of her live music debut in Australia and New Zealand in February 2024. At the time of writing, concerts are scheduled for Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Tapapakanga, and Christchurch.

Get your tickets to Greentea Peng’s show in Singapore and Bali from The Ticket Fairy: Annexe Studio, Singapore | Blacksand Brewery, Bali

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