Swiss Drum & Bass Duo QZB Embark On A Three-City India Tour

Ahead of their debut trip with Drum & Bass India, the duo had a chat with us about their expectations from the tour, their seminal album, and lots more.

Drum & Bass in India has been quietly growing again after nearly a decade of silence, and this time, the promised land is that it’s here to stay. While the local scenes are hosting drum & bass-focused parties regularly, they have been equally complimented by some incredible international acts.

In the last twelve months alone, we have had the likes of Ekko & Sidetrack, Rido, IYRE, Operate, and Sustance grace Indian shores; and as the scene grows stronger with every passing event, we have Swiss drum & bass behemoths, QZB, who are all set to take over New Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad for three exclusive shows.

Now a decade into the game, QZB, through their warm and turbo-charged textures, have built themselves a unique niche that’s exclusive to them, along with a loyal fanbase to match their forward-thinking music. Their debut album, ‘Future Forever,’ released in 2023, was one of the most important releases of last year, and one that led to their nomination for the Best Producer award at the Drum&BassArena Awards.

Teaming up with Drum & Bass India, who are arguably the finest drum & bass community in India, the Swiss duo will bring their tech-fueled drum & bass along with heavyweight homegrown line-ups across the three cities.

Speaking about the tour, the founder of Drum & Bass India, Debjyoti Das aka The Untitled One, said “After a cool 10 years in the game, we’re finally hitting up cities all over with the artists we vibe with, bringing that pure genre goodness to India. Our recent stint with IYRE was a blast – big vibes all around!

As a DnB DJ and radio host for almost a decade, the inclusion of QZB’s tracks in my sets has been a consistent source of inspiration. It’s truly a dream come true to not only support but also tour with QZB for their highly anticipated 3-city.”

We were keen to know QZB’s thoughts on their debut India tour, so we sat down with them for a chat and here is what they had to say:

TFword: You released one of the best drum & bass albums of 2023. What are your thoughts on how the album was received?
QZB: Thank you so much for the love. We were over the moon about the hype around the album, we never imagined that it’d have such an impact on our career. The numbers grew immensely; we played a great 3-month-tour around the best places in Europe for Drum&Bass and the cherry on top were the 3 nominations at the DNBA-Awards. Being nominated as Best Producer was the absolute highlight for us, it meant for us that the 3 years of production was worth it.

TF: Your debut India tour starts this week. What are you most looking forward to?
QZB: We’re looking forward to diving into the fascinating culture and meeting likeminded people from a very different part of the world. It’s always humbling to see people from different cultural backgrounds being passionate about the same thing as you. And of course, the food…

TF: What can your fans expect from your DJ set during your India tour?
QZB: We always give our all at every show we play, no matter where. We will play plenty of unreleased music of us and of our friends and some cheeky bootlegs here and there. As always: We will provide a futuristic and deep take on Drum & Bass with a lot of energy.

TF: One thing that we know about QZB’s music is the boundless creativity on offer. Talk us through the creative evolution the trio has gone through.
QZB: We see music production as a form of self-expression, so as we evolve as individuals, our music grows with us. Nothing matters besides the process of creation, so we don’t care about trends or anything else and just do us the best we can. It all comes straight from the heart, and we couldn’t be happier that it actually resonates with so many people.

TF: Is there some upcoming QZB music that we should look forward to?
QZB: There’s plenty of new music coming out in the next months, some singles, remixes for other artists, and a bigger project in fall, just in time for club season.

TF: What are QZB’s plans for 2024?
QZB: We’re now touring Asia, after that, it’s New Zealand and Australia and then festival summer in Europe. We have a very big project in the pipeline for the end of the year, so keep your ears peeled for that!

For more information about QZB’s India tour, visit Drum & Bass India’s Instagram page.

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