Catch Hunter/Game at Papaya Playa Project in March 2024

The picturesque Papaya Playa Project will be opening its doors to Hunter/Game next month for Saturday Celebrations. Joining them at the party are Karla Mercedez and M. Ro on Saturday, March 16, 2024, from 8 PM onwards. Get ready to dance under the stars, enjoy pulsating beats, and have a fun-filled Saturday evening. Tickets for the Saturday Celebrations at Papaya Playa Project featuring Hunter/Game are available at The Ticket Fairy.

Hunter/Game kicked off 2024 with a performance at the Ocaso Festival and the Afterlife Zamna stage in Tulum, while also taking their beats to Dubai, Toronto, Los Angeles, and San Francisco so far this year! The pair comprising Martino Bertola and Emmanuele Nicosia have hit stages far and wide, including in Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Tokyo, and India, at some of the most desired venues. Having been involved in the techno scene in Milan in its early days, Hunter/Game returned to the Italian city to make audiences put their hands in the air in 2023.

Ibiza, Barcelona, Lugano (Switzerland), São Paulo, Berlin, and the iconic fabric London have seen mind-boggling sets from Hunter/Game. The DJ duo have made a great name for themselves and have also had releases on Cologne-based electronic music record label Kompakt. Their latest musical release is ‘The Sky Above,’ a track with Øostil and Ramverk.

DJ Karla Mercedes, 1/3 of Beso de Tres and producer of Karla Mercedes Production, has been tapped for this March 16 gig. She returns to Papaya Playa Project after having played at the venue in January this year. M. Ro completes the artist card for the night.

Please note: General access tickets do not include a table.

Early bird tickets have sold out! Get your tickets for Papaya Playa Project presents Saturday Celebrations with Hunter/Game from The Ticket Fairy

Artists playing at this gig: Hunter/Game | Karla Mercedez
Papaya Playa Project on: Instagram

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