Soloiist To Headline Sinner’s Opening Season Party in Tulum

Sinner Music brings the weekly party to Vagalume, Tulum, on March 12, opening its third season with performances from Mexican DJ/producer Soloiist, Italian producer and mixer Miganova, and DJ/producer Vite. Get tickets to Sinner Presents Soloiist from The Ticket Fairy!

Following the success of the iconic boutique party, Sinner Music opens its third season with special guest Soloiist alongside Sinner Music founders Miganova and Vite for a high-energy evening on Tuesday, March 12. Set in Tulum’s much-loved resort beach club, Vagalume, the event will kick things off at 8 PM, with the option for dinner reservations available from 7 PM onwards.

The special guest for the evening, Soloiist, is best known for his unique brand of progressive melodic techno music. The Mexican DJ/producer makes frequent appearances across some of Mexico’s hottest nightclubs and parties, including Mexico’s LooLoo Studio, Funk Club and Sevilla 30, as well as Tulum’s Zamna Festival. Soloiist also packs an impressive discography, complete with his latest EP, ‘Around The Sun,’ making its debut during the last week of December 2023. He has played alongside many well-recognized DJs like Kas:st, Jenia Tarsol, Satori, and more.

Soloiist will be accompanied by Sinner Music’s founders – Vite and Miganova, who are revered across Tulum’s rich electronic music landscape for several successful parties and ventures.

Vagalume Tulum’s music director Vite, aka Antonio Vite, is a seasoned musician and music industry professional with several years under his belt wearing various hats across the electronic music scene in Mexico. He has previously worked as a promoter for clubs, later becoming the news editor for Vicious Mag, followed by his role as a booker manager, DJ, music producer, and lastly, a club partner. Vite’s thorough experience across jobs in the music industry has helped him put forth stellar parties for all his attendees and guests on the dance floor.

Italian music producer Miganova, co-founder of Sinner, will also share the stage at the upcoming party. His music career has witnessed an upward trajectory since winning the prestigious award as one of the top producers in the Beatport Challenge back in 2020, which kicked off his career and gave him several opportunities to perform at the best clubs and festivals worldwide. He has the ability to captivate audiences through his atmospheric beats; always leaving the listener craving more!

Vagalume Tulum has been a stage for many great mixers and DJs to lay out their sets. Along with featuring great performances and talented DJs, Vagalume offers several comfortable spots for you to sit and enjoy mouthwatering bites, as well as their exclusive cocktails under a thatch roof. While you explore and find several bars, you’ll be quick to notice art pieces and other various artistic sculptures you’ll have a hard time overlooking. 

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