TFword Reviews: Nia Archives’ Debut Album

We take a deep dive into the famous emotional junglist’s debut long player – ‘Silence is Loud.

There are not many artists who have had an impact on a particular genre like Nia Archives has. Making her debut in 2020, Nia Archives didn’t just come through as a prodigious act; she changed the way the entire musical sphere looked at jungle music.

With globally charting hits like ‘Baianá,’ ‘Forbidden Feelingz,’ and ‘Off Wiv Ya Headz,’ to name a few, Nia Archives has been credited with reviving the jungle sound. The monumental impact of her music has led to producers finding a way to incorporate jungle in several creative ways, which has led to the drum & bass and jungle genres expanding their inventive capacities.

Nia Archives – ‘Baianá’

Despite the seismic reach of her music, which has now arrived at a global scale, the beauty of Nia Archives’ output is that it consistently strikes a chord with the mainstream and the underground. After releasing a series of singles and EPs over the course of her career, the emotional junglist, as they fondly call her, has released her debut album, ‘Silence is Loud,’ and as you would expect from a Nia Archives release, it’s outrageously good.

The first thing you notice when you look at the tracklist of Nia Archives’ debut album is that it’s an all-solo album; second, it has a single filler. This leads us to believe that the album, as it explores many styles and influences of the gifted tastemaker, will be an emotionally charged encounter.

Kicking off with the title track, ‘Silence is Loud’ begins with a ragga-tinged intro until it draws us into a pop ballad with just the ideal jungle touch—a skill Nia Archives has made her own territory. ‘Cards On The Table’ does not shy away from launching straight into Nia’s captivating vocals, adorned with stunning guitar strings—obviously with a jungle flavor.

Nia Archives – ‘Cards On The Table’

Another aspect of the album is how the 13-track release has been kept ‘less ravey’—one that reflects the honest version of the jungle revivalist, and the next two tracks in the album do just that. Both ‘Unfinished Business’ and ‘Crowded Roomz’ make us feel like they’re heading the dancefloor route but maintain their introspective abilities throughout their play times.

Next up is ‘Forbidden Feelingz,’ one of Nia Archives’ best releases since her debut, and a track that has become a quintessential jungle number in recent years. Even the filler ‘Blind Devotion’ doesn’t miss the alt-rock/jungle hybrid narrative of the album until we’re met with what we believe is the best track of the album.

The intricacies of the genre that Nia Archives has been pioneering in her own manner are redefined on ‘Tell Me What It’s Like?’ which features a brief cameo from Goldie, one of the originators of drum & bass and jungle.

One distinct quality Nia Archives has brought to jungle music is the appealing nature of her voice, which cuts through the ruggedness and density of the genre—something that you will find in abundance on tracks like ‘Nightmares’ and ‘F.A.M.I.L.Y.’ The enigmatic percussions with a pop touch shine through ‘Out Of Options’ once again, before Nia Archives closes her groundbreaking debut album with the partner-starter ‘Killjoy!’ and the breathtakingly earnest songwriting on ‘So Tell Me.’

Right from the moment Nia Archives exploded on the scene, she has been vocal about her mission of being the next-gen junglist, and with her debut album, you can safely say she has already achieved her goal.

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