Nordic Game 2024 Spring: Winners List, Where To Watch, And More

Nordic Game is the leading game conference in all of Europe, and in 2024, they’ll be celebrating their 20th year in Malmö, Sweden! Below, we have listed everything you need to know about the ongoing Nordic Game, including where to watch, where it is taking place, and much more. 

Over 150 well-recognized figures in the gaming industry will be sharing their experiences at the Slagthuset venue in Malmö during the conference on May 21-24, 2024. Being the biggest conference in all of Europe, Nordic Games Spring will discuss the newest and upcoming updates that’ll be taking place in the gaming industry, whether it be technology changes, the latest video game release, or hosting an award ceremony for various categories that you wouldn’t want to miss out on. 

Where Can You Watch Nordic Game 2024 Spring Live Stream

Nordic Game 2024 Spring

If you were unable to purchase the tickets for the conference, you need not worry. The four-day-long conference will be live-streamed on Nordic Games’ official YouTube channel. You’ll be able to witness everything that happens on the main stage at the expo; however, if you miss out on one of the panels or showcases, there’s a slight possibility that you’ll miss it entirely, as only a select few highlights will be posted on their main page.

What The Four-day NG24 Exhibition Brings

The main goal behind the Nordic Game Spring conference is to have industry professionals share their insights and experiences, describe the creation of iconic games and let the youth know about the various steps that were taken to reach the final product. We have listed down everything that will be taking place in the four-day expo:

May 20, 2024
The Nordic Game Spring commenced on Monday, May 20, as the Discord server opened up. Later, the Nordic Game Developer Showcase took place (online) with recorded talks and panel discussions that’ll be posted on all social media platforms as well as Discord itself. 

May 21, 2024
Following the Nordic Game Discord server opening, small discussions ensued until the Slagthust opened its registration desks for attendees to pick up their badges. The developer showcase featured Publishers & Investors Day as well as the MeetToMatch event, which allowed participants to meet dozens of potential business partners online and face-to-face. Publishers & Investors showcase offered the chance to witness and even take part in the speed pitching session on the main stage. Simultaneously, a few invite-only activities took place across the day, like the exclusive summit, the games capital summit, the games policy summit, and the summit networking and social event.

May 22, 2024
The previous day’s schedule of Discord server opening, Nordic Game Expo opening and MeetToMatch kicked off Day 2. NG24 Spring had its first speaker program right after, which led to the Women in Game panel, wherein leading women in the industry described their journey in the gaming world. The Nordic Spring Pitch Battle began at the Dev Showcase stage and had various indie developers presenting, with a Speaker & VIP Reception slated as the final event. Sharkmob’s Happy Hour set up hundreds of pop-up shops featuring unreleased indie games for the attendees to take a shot at.

May 23, 2024 
Day 3 opened with MeetToMatch, a game expo featuring a developer showcase, and the second NG24 Spring speaker program. The rest of the day was allocated to socializing and taking part in several pop-up shops open around. The Developer Showcase wrapped up Day 3 as the Nordic Game Awards commenced. 

Find The Full List Of The Nordic Game Awards 2024 Winners –

Nordic Game of the Year: ‘Alan Wake 2’ by Remedy Entertainment (Finland)
Nordic Game of the Year (Small Screen): ‘Rytmos’ by Floppy Club (Denmark)
Best Art: ‘Alan Wake 2’ by Remedy Entertainment (Finland)
Best Game Design: ‘COCOON’ by Geometric Interactive (Denmark)
Best Technology: ‘THE FINALS’ by Embark Studios (Sweden)
Best Audio: ‘Alan Wake 2’ by Remedy Entertainment (Finland)
Best Fun for Everyone: ‘Ikonei Island’ by Snowcastle Games (Norway)
Best Debut: ‘Bramble: The Mountain King’ by Maximum Entertainment (Sweden)

May 24, 2024 
The final day will start just like the previous days, with a live stream and the final day’s game expo. The third and final speaker program will take place at 11 AM, and right as it ends at 2 PM, the closing of the speaker program will be held and hosted by Ste Curran. Between 3:30 and 9:00 pm, you’ll have Happy Hour, mini-games to explore, Maraoke, as well as a handful of surprises!

We hope you found this useful, and if you want to know more about the gaming industry or simply would like to know about the latest news, don’t forget to keep tuning in. We have a lot more planned out for you, and we wouldn’t want you to miss out on any of it. 

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