Chizai Captures The Journey Of Life On ‘S6:E01’

‘S6:E01’ marks Chizai’s first outing of 2024; an introspective piece detailing the Indian pop-rock band’s coming-of-age.

Each instrumental element that went into ‘S6:E01’ chronicles the passage of time for an unfeigned lyrical expression that was initially inspired by Robert Frost’s poem, ‘The Road Not Taken.’ A steady drum work fades in, soon unfurling an arresting lick that resounds at regular intervals across the single. Sarthak Bhayana’s beats continue to set the foundation for the following vocals and accompanying bass, well into a striking trombone and guitar back-and-forth solo by bandmates Chie Nishikori and Kartik Chandel, respectively.

Chizai – S6 E01 Live

An accidental sonic experimentation at a small village in India’s Himachal Pradesh kicked off ‘S6:E01.’ All put together, the track limns the growth and evolution of one’s life. “As we delved deeper, the song evolved into a reflection of life’s journey and the concept of ‘Self Parenting,'” said Sultan Aftab Khan, vocalist and guitarist of Chizai. “It’s a sonic narrative of growth, maturity, and self-discovery.”

Chizai has been active for the past 11 years, as the current line-up charges through the lively music scene of Delhi and beyond. ‘S6:E01’ comes on the back of their song ‘AWOL,’ a flamenco-pop tune that had the band delve into the heartache of a lost love.

‘S6:E01’ by Chizai is available to stream worldwide!

Song Credits –
Composed and performed by: Chizai; Sultan Aftab Khan, Chie Nishikori, Ajitesh Bohra, Kartik Chandel, Arjun Ghai, Sarthak Bhayana
Artwork: Ajitesh Bohra
Lyrics: Sultan Aftab Khan
Produced by: Chizai
Mixed & Mastered by: AmanMoroney
Released via: Art Fidelity Records

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