Artists We Can’t Wait to See at LOCUS Bali 2024

One of the most sought-after electronic music festivals, LOCUS, sets up shop in Bali, Indonesia, from June 14 onwards with an expertly curated line-up of artists that will dazzle the dance floors of Luna Beach Club in Nuanu City. In addition to debuting in Asia, the festival reunites DnB greats Stakka & Skynet for the first time in nearly two decades.

In this list, we dive through some of the names on the artist card and spell out why their performances are a must-attend at LOCUS Bali 2024!



Hospital Records’ Ellen Lewin, aka Lens, has gained quite a standing in the drum & bass community with her high-tempo performances, outrageous double drops, and imaginative song choices. Lens’ breakthrough release, ‘Love The Way,’ featuring Lally, came as recently as 2022. From playing shows with only four people in attendance, her ascent can be attributed to her role as the voice of Hospital Records’ Rinse FM show in 2019 and her collaborations with some of the most exciting names in the industry, including Pola & Bryson (‘Way Up‘), Unglued (‘Crunchy Nutter‘), Whiney (‘If You Like It Like That‘), LZee (‘After Party‘), etc.

Lens zips to LOCUS Bali as part of a monumental summer tour that sees her hit stages at In It Together (Wales), Daydance (Switzerland), Glastonbury (UK), Tomorrowland (Belgium), and Nibirii Festival (Germany), along with multiple other shows lined up in Europe.

“I just get this feeling in my belly when I hear it. It’s the energy, the niche sound, and the feeling that you get from that first rave,” Lens talks about why she’s drawn to drum & bass with UKF.



Picking off from his younger days attending EDM concerts at Le Bikini, French export Monty comes equipped with halftime, breaks, dubstep, bass, and techno beats, and is known to produce a progressive, high-energy session that pulls apart the dance floor. Hailing from Toulouse, Monty has been featured at Let It Roll, Outlook Festival, Shambhala Festival, and recently, The Untz Festival in California. Monty is represented by Alix Perez’s 1985 music label, and he also has releases on Critical Music, Vandal Records, Invisible, and Flexout Audio.

Monty has cited Ivy Lab (also on the LOCUS card) as one of his influences in drum & bass in an exchange with Drum and Bass Arena while also speaking about his mind at work. He stated, “I draw inspiration from music I like too. Stuff like reggae, hip-hop, soul, rock and blues, and sometimes from films too. Whatever triggers my emotions, it’s hard to say where the inspiration comes from really!”


Etherwood performing at Darkshire In The Woods, Czech Republic (2023)

The UK’s heavyweight music producer Edward Allen, best known as Etherwood, has garnered quite a reputation for crafting a stunning soundscape during his deep liquid, drum & bass, and liquid funk sessions. A regular name at the hallowed Drum and Bass Arena Awards, he has swept up multiple nominations throughout his career and bestowed titles of Best Newcomer DJ and Best Newcomer Producer in 2013, while his fourth album ‘Neon Dust’ won the Best Album category in 2022 at the Drum and Bass Awards UK.

Etherwood arrives in Bali on the back of his newest liquid DnB drop ‘Lucid,’ glazed with wistful keys and vocal segments. He has also recently announced the launch of his record label, Stillness Music, in April 2023.

In an interview with UKF about his new venture, Etherwood shared, “When I started producing, I never thought I’d start my own label, but the idea has been slowly forming over the past few years. After ten years, four albums, and an EP with Hospital, I felt it was time to start something fresh and exciting.”



Indonesia-born and London-bred Sabrina Solemani, who thrives under her first name, has made a stellar career behind the turntables, raised on a syllabus of EDM that includes names such as The Prodigy, Basshunter, David Guetta, and Raquel. The now 23-year-old has made her way into the forefront of the electronic music scene after sharpening her skills during the lockdown.

Steeped with a vision to one day support The Prodigy, the quickly rising artist was featured on DJ Mag’s Fresh Kicks 200 in July 2023, where she voiced, “If someone asked me, ‘What music are you making?’ I could not give you one genre. That’s part of experimenting, mixing old acid house with jungle, but they all link at the end of the day.”

SABRINA returns to Bali for LOCUS, where she spent a chunk of her childhood, with performances at Boomtown’s WSOTT stage and LOCUS Tulum already in her locker.



There’s only one name that comes to mind when the DJ booth owner is decked in an Indian saree and the dancefloor is abuzz with minimal, dark, and deep sounds, resulting in a virulent bass-heavy soundscape – and that name is Smokey.

India’s famed drum & bass force Indira Kanawade, who thrives under the moniker Smokey, brings her remarkable brand of drum & bass, dubstep, experimental trap, bass music, and the sounds of Mumbai’s streets to LOCUS Bali. A festival regular and DnB nights specialist, Smokey’s visit to LOCUS will be her first at an international drum & bass festival, coming on the heels of last year’s highly successful multi-city tour of Australia.

In response to being announced on the phase two line-up announcement, the music producer and faculty member at AudioQube shared a heartfelt message to her fans and well-wishers via social media. She expressed, “My everlasting gratitude to each and everyone for supporting me throughout my journey & for believing in me. This journey wasn’t easy at all, but here I am today, getting the opportunities what I’ve always dreamt of, and it’s all because of your love & support. Honestly, can’t thank you enough.”

Check out Smokey’s exclusive mix for LOCUS Podcast ahead of her performance in Bali –

Body Ocean

Body Ocean

Body Ocean caused quite a seismic unrest when the pair released two singles – ‘Amazon‘ and’ Within Reach,’ anonymously in 2020, before finally unveiling their identity during the launch of their debut EP ‘Narcissist.’ In yet another instance of how music connects people from across the globe, the two-man DJ/production crew was then revealed to be virtuosos Jeremy Glenn from New Zealand (The Upbeats) and Dutchman Nik Roos (Noisia, Sleepnet).

Since their formation, Body Ocean has furnished themselves with releases on labels such as Size Records, Black Book Records, Mad Decent Record Label, STMPD RCRDS, etc. They also have a healthy remix of works by Steve Angello (‘Freedom’), Alison Wonderland (‘Anything’), Ane Brun (‘Hand In The Fire’), and Mija (‘Groove’).

About this project, the duo states, “Body Ocean is us exploring dance music together, We met through drum & bass years ago and became close friends when we realized we both loved a lot of the same things. To us, this project feels like the musical equivalent of rushing out onto the beach to dive headfirst into the rolling waves, instinctively surrendering to the dance between your body and the ocean. Hence the name.”

Charli Brix

Charli Brix

One of the world’s most coveted drum & bass vocalists, South London-born and Bristol-based multi-genre performer Charli Brix hops onto the LOCUS wagon, backed by more than 10 years of experience in the DnB sphere. Steadily climbing the ranks and perfecting her skills, on her decorated music ledger, you’ll find collaborations with acts such as OW3S, Data 3, QZB, Visages, DJ Marky, Sam Binga, and Primitive Instinct.

Charli’s debut album ‘The Art of Change‘ (2023), released via Flexout Audio, is a testament to her talents since debuting with ‘More’ in 2012. Her live performances oscillate between doses of garage, breaks, and drum & bass while also incorporating her soulful R&B vocals.

Chiccoreli with MC TALI

Chiccoreli & MC Tali

When it comes to the sweet and flavorful sounds of liquid drum & bass, London-born and Auckland-based Benn Sheppard, best known as Chiccoreli, is hands down one of the best in the game. Since kicking off his career in 2011, Chiccoreli has carved a niche for himself in the Kiwi music scene and has appeared at all the major music festivals in the country, including Northern Bass, Shipwrecked, Chase The Sun, Rhythm & Vines, and Splore Festival, to name a few.

An accomplished DJ, radio host, and enforcer of his live liquid lowdown sessions, Chiccoreli will be winged by vocalist and composer MC TALI. Chiccoreli’s characteristic mixing technique and soulful selections, paired with MC TALI’s honeyed/emphatic vocals formulate an exemplary session, vibing with waves of unadulterated liquid DnB.

Pendulum (DJ Set)


Announcing the final names on the line-up, LOCUS architects had yet another ace up their sleeve, rolling in veteran Aussie producer Paul Harding, best known as El Hornet, from the drum & bass meets alternative-rock collective Pendulum. Harding, who has been part of the band since 2002, takes you on an electric journey sealed with heaps of DnB, dubstep, industrial, house, techno, tech house, breaks, and rock/heavy metal during his sessions. It is also his first appearance in Bali.

El Hornet launched his label The Hornets Nest Records, which aims to shed light on undiscovered music excavated from backup folders and files stashed away. His ’90 Second Maximum’ compilation record is due soon; it brags sixty tracks, of which only two are his works.

Speaking with UKF about ’90 Second Maximum’, Harding conveyed, “The premise for that compilation is to do something with all these abandoned tunes, everyone has them. I have 20 years’ worth of parts of tunes, which I think ‘f*ck that was so good’ – I might have lost the project file or deleted it or whatever. I put feelers out and asked people if they had loads of these little clips and they were like ‘of course we do.'”

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