Rosa Linn and Denny Partner Up to Give ‘Universe’ A New Spin

After renditions in Italian and French and a remix by Swedish electronic music act Galantis, Armenian singer-songwriter Rosa Linn’s hit single gets yet another twist in ‘Universe (Mil Jaana Tu),’ this time with singer and composer Denny.

Armenian artist Rosa Linn dropped her pop anthem ‘Universe’ on International Women’s Day earlier this year, produced by Grammy Award winner Cirkut (Henry Russell Walter). Alongside her previously well-received single ‘Snap,’ this release too has eyeballs moving across the globe, with multiple versions crafted.

In the latest rehash, the Eurovision fame collaborates with Indian musician Denny to bring a Hindi-worded performance of ‘Universe’ in ‘Universe (Mil Jaana Tu).’ The music glistens with a lively dance rhythm, trading powerful vocal segments from both Rosa Linn and Denny. As with the original video, this mix also sees Rosa in the center of the frame, intercut with shots of Denny and the lyrics placed over, while the background now features different shots in India.

Rosa Linn, Denny – Universe (Mil Jaana Tu)

Singing a few lyrics in Hindi was effortless for the Armenian breakout artist, who had them recorded while on tour in Italy (April 2024). Rosa would send voice notes to Denny to assist her enunciation and convey the words accurately. Musician Aashiq Khan penned her verse. Rosa expressed, “Funny enough, it was actually easier than I thought it would be, I think we have some similar sounds in Armenian so that helped me a lot for sure.”

About the single, Rosa said, “‘Universe’ is my anthem for the daydreamer; it is a song about longing -longing for someone or something you can never have in this version of reality; imagining another life, other circumstances, creating a whole different world where all the stars align perfectly for you to get that one thing that’ll finally make you complete.”

Meanwhile, composer/songwriter Denny noted, “‘Universe’ is a power ballad that has a very easy and simple melody that anybody in the world can understand and sing back. The emotion in ‘Universe’ is what makes it stand out and Rosa’s vocals perfectly capture that emotion.”

Aside from Hindi, further variants in Arabic and Spanish are scheduled to be launched shortly. You can check out Rosa Linn’s ‘Universe’ complication pack on Spotify.

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