2Step Presents: Cut Snake (AUS)

. Catacombs Nightclub, Dunedin

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22.00 NZ$ (incl. Fees)

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2Step is extremely proud to present: Cut Snake (AUS)

From techy vocal sampled house to breezy disco-pop, Cut Snake is the sound of good times with good sorts. Frequently pushing that sensual sweet-spot between genres, Cut Snake’s rough and ready party vibes come out of the studio with slick sonic edges, holding their own just as well at banging peak-time as at a lazy afternoon poolside sesh. The only guidelines you need for these tunas come straight from the slinker’s mouth: “best enjoyed with a beer in hand and loud speakers”.
As it always has been, the key is to give maximum vibes and minimum fucks. With a cranking new EP out via Sweat it Out, including a collab with Sydney stalwarts Yolanda Be Cool, there’s never been a better time to jump on board.

Support TBA

  1. Nic G
  2. Jack M
  3. James N
  4. Andrew F
  5. Gus G
  6. Jack R
  7. Peter S
  8. James T
  9. Ben S
  10. Edgar P
  11. Rosa M
  12. Edward P
  13. Claudia W
  14. Josh L
  15. Sam M
  16. John C
  17. Claudia R
  18. Tamara D
  19. Jamie M
  20. Sara B