. Northern Bass , Kaiwaka [Ages 18+]

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3 Day
Presale - 29+30+31 Dec
Sold Out
Early Bird - 29+30+31 Dec
Sold Out
1st Release - 29+30+31 Dec
Sold Out
2nd Release - 29+30+31 Dec
Sold Out
3rd Release - 29+30+31 Dec
NZ$ 349.90 (excl. Fees)
Final Release - 29+30+31 Dec
NZ$ 369.90 (excl. Fees)
2 Day
Presale - 30+31 Dec
Sold Out
Early Bird - 30+31 Dec
Sold Out
1st Release - 30+31 Dec
Sold Out
2nd Release - 30+31 Dec
Sold Out
3rd Release - 30+31 Dec
NZ$ 279.90 (excl. Fees)


Waiting List tickets on sale 12 May 

Public tickets on sale 17 May! 



  • Grab your event ticket and then you can sort all your add ons on the next page!
  • Each person staying onsite at Northern Bass must have a camping pass - even if you have a Campervan Pass.
  • Camping is available for 3 days or 2 days
  • Bass Hotel Packages INCLUDE Camping Passes!
  • Northern Bass enforces the following terms -


Pay by Laybuy!  Lock in your ticket now and pay it off! 

*Due to the insane amounts of scalping and scamming going on last year, this year we will only allow waiting list resale for the majority of the time. Waiting list resale is the safest way to buy and sell tickets once NB is sold out. We will also be having a much shorter waiting list resale offer period (the time a buyer has to accept the offer) to keep things moving along.
* Direct resale (when you choose who to sell your ticket to) will only be open for a short window in late December. PLEASE DO NOT buy tickets under your own name and think you can just swap these to someone else - there are no name changes and no swaps. The only way to transfer ownership is via Resale. 
*NAMES ON TICKETS MUST MATCH ID and we DO NOT HAVE NAME CHANGES - this is the same as last year but needs repeating. There will be no name changes at the gate. 

Important Info:

1 - Max 2 tickets per transaction (you can buy more than 4, but only 4 at a time - makes it fairer for everyone trying to lock in the early access prices)
2 - NO NAME CHANGES (ever) and no direct resale until late December - no exceptions.
3 - If you buy multiple tickets in the same name, the duplicate tickets will be cancelled and refunded (less an admin fee of $20 per ticket). 
4 - There will be no 2 to 3 day upgrades this year. If you want a 3 day pass then grab it now! They always sell out in advance.
5 - EVERY person staying on site needs a camping pass, this year these are included in Bass Hotel and KarTents (going on sale soon) but NOT with Campervan Passes.
6 - Camping is limited and must match your event ticket - so if you think you might want camping, grab it at the start!
7 - Tickets can only be sold through Ticket Fairy and Ticket Fairy Resale. There is no other way to hold a legitimate ticket for Northern Bass.
8 - Tickets can be sold via the Ticket Fairy Resale process once a ticket type is sold out (eg once all 3 day passes are sold out, Resale opens). Add-ons will be able to be resold later in the year. 



Once you select your event ticket you can choose your add ons.  

* Camping Passes

Available for 2 or 3 days.

(If trying to buy a resale add-on, it MUST match your event ticket - 2+2, 3+3)

* Bass Hotel Tents  


Bass Hotel is the ultimate in festival camping. No need to worry about lugging a tent around and sorting out your place to sleep!

The price now includes the camping pass for everyone staying in the Bass Hotel tent! These are also at a discounted price - $10 saving per person!

Just drive up and park right near the Bass Hotel where your fabulous bell tent will be already pitched and ready to go. After a big day partying at Northern Bass, treat yourself to an extra comfy sleep in your Bass Hotel Suite.

One person needs to buy the Bass Hotel ticket for everyone in the tent. The Bass Hotel cost includes camping passes for each person in the tent, but does not include event tickets. 


  • Exclusive drop off point for glampers on the road leading to car-parking, where the Wildernest staff will greet you and help you with your bags. So no queueing at the festival entry!!
  • Transport to and from Bass Hotel from the stages.
  • 5m round canvas bell tent with a zipped on groundsheet, all 100% waterproof.
  • Soft flooring that stretches the entire floor.
  • Bright LED light, powered by a solar panel connected to the tent.
  • An Inner sprung Mattress - made up with sheets, duvet, pillow and pillowcase. NO towels so please bring your own.
  • Earplugs for each person.
  • Small central table in each tent.
  • Pathway lighting to tents.
  • Exclusive flushing toilets and hot showers.
  • Outdoor lounge and chill out area exclusive to glampers, complete with a charging station for electronics.


* Campervan & Campervan Plus - from $99.90 

  • A Campervan ticket will get you space for one vehicle (does not include small hatchbacks or any sedans) no longer than 6m and no wider than 3m.
  • A Campervan plus pass will get you space for one vehicle (does not include small hatchbacks or any sedans) no longer than 6m and no wider than 3m and a space for a tent (must be no wider than 3m) next to the vehicle.

****IF YOUR CAMPERVAN IS LONGER THAN 6M IT WILL NOT FIT IN THE AREA.  Smaller caravans (no more than 4.5m) with towing vehicles will be able to access the area. 

****Please do not buy a pass if your vehicle is larger than the above as your vehicle will be turned away.

Think of this pass as for the vehicle - everyone staying in the Campervan area still needs their own camping pass.

* Fuzen Lounge Passes - $69.90 

Grab a Fuzen Lounge ticket and take in Northern Bass like a boss. With a commanding view of the MainStage, the Fuzen Lounge is your premium passport to the festival.

  • Limited capacity area
  • Free Limited Edition Fuzen Lounge Globelet
  • Preferential Entry Lane at Main Gate (queue jump)
  • Dedicated bar with exclusive drink options
  • Covered deck area with a grandstand
  • Lots more seating including couches, bean bags and picnic tables.
  • Weather cover, heaters and flushing toilets

Need to buy some Add-Ons?

If you have your event ticket(s) and want to get some extra Add-Ons - log into Ticket Fairy, go to My Tickets and then Get Add-Ons.



- Booking Fee, Wristband Fee and Credit Charge Fee applied at check out.

- ANY TICKETS NOT SOLD VIA TICKET FAIRY (and any resales not sold through Ticket Fairy Resale) ARE NOT VALID and WILL NOT BE HONOURED.

- Northern Bass is STRICTLY no BYO alcohol to any part of the festival (including the car parks). Leave it at home or it will be confiscated.

- NO GLASS is allowed. Make up/cosmetics under 30ml will be permitted in limited quantities

- NO ICEPACKS are allowed.

- Tickets MUST MATCH the name of the valid ID presented by the ticket holder at the gate. This is a condition of purchase.

- The festival organisers reserve the right to cancel or refund any ticket for any reason.

- The festival organisers reserve the right to refuse entry for any reason.

- The festival organisers reserve the right to change the terms at any time for any reason.

Northern Bass enforces the following terms -

  1. Ionut B
  2. Emily W
  3. Shreeya P
  4. Michael H
  5. ELIZA H
  6. Reed P
  7. Lucchio D
  8. Duncan L
  9. Samara C
  10. Jake B
  11. Cedric S
  12. Thomas M
  13. Finnian R
  14. Louis H
  15. Jamie S
  16. Toby R
  17. Ben H
  18. Bailey M
  19. Josiah W
  20. Josh A