Anomalia Chapter 2 : Audiofly, BLOND:ISH, Maher Daniel

. The Steel Yard / Loose Cannon , London [All Ages]

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2nd Release
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is pleased to present a reinterpretation of Hayao Miyazaki’s world, orchestrated through the sounds of Audiofly, BLOND:ISH, Maher Daniel, and Yacine Dessouki on March 3rd at the Steelyard London.

Join us for an immersive party experience brining together the most coveted production and musical talent in the industry. 

"It only takes one night to restore a persons’ faith in London clubbing. Anomalia was that night." -Deep House Amsterdam

After their successful debut event, Anomalia is poised to elevate the European nightlife scene, one immersive event at a time. Those who took the chance were treated to hypnotic visuals, unparalleled decorations, and an equally impressive musical lineup.

Chapter two will take it up a notch. Prepare for an unforgettable journey with many more surprises to be unveiled as we approach the opening of new doors into an elevated dimension of music, whimsy, and wonder.

  1. ADNAN A
  2. Nicole F
  3. Eduardo G
  4. Remy G
  5. Juan Francisco G
  6. Yahia A
  7. Alexis H
  8. Marco T
  9. Mirabel S
  10. Lara K