Arcadia // A New Years Peng Experience

Ages 18+
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👌 PENG Productions presents... 👌

🤖 ARCADIA - A New Years Peng Experience 👾

31st December AND 2nd January (Recovery Day in between!)


What a year it's been. A year full of VIRTUAL chats, VIRTUAL gatherings and VIRTUAL celebrations. We've found ourselves more INTERCONNECTED than ever thanks to TECHNOLOGY 🖥️

Peng's NEW YEARS experience will be featuring all things FUTURISTIC ⚙️ Bearing that in mind, how do we reflect on such a year? 🤔

Well, PENG proudly presents a MULTI-DAY, MULTI-VENUE NEW YEARS party, the likes of which Wellington has never seen before 🥳

We're excited to announce events for the 31st of December and 2nd of January. With different venues for each! That gives you just enough time to recover or kick-on from New Years Eve, then kick off the New Year with a BANG. We recommend picking up a MULTI-DAY ticket - we promise the first two days of 2021 will be ones to remember 🤗

Pairing this with our well known VIBE and SOUND, this is one you won't want to miss out on. We'll be providing the following on each day:

~ Heavy Bass Place 💀
~ House Dousing Space 🏠
~ Silent Stage Showcase 🎧
~ Trademark Peng lighting and decor for each zone to match 🛸

You can also expect to see the Wellington New Years fireworks that you've come to know and love 🎇

So, check out the agenda below for the evening highlights:




31st December Stages:

🔊 Bass Space:

🎧 Frisson
🎧 Flightplan
🎧 Sloth
🎧 Light Denim 
🎧 Kalo


ft: Habit, Gusty, Rollout, Wildstorm, Rapp Scallion and Intalekt MC

🔊 Groove Region:

🎧  Turion
🎧  Hat and Flowers
🎧  Lowli
🎧  Lazy Daisy
🎧  Pengting
🎧  Allem
🎧  Rowan Steele

2nd January Stages:

🔊 Rave Cave:

🎧  Frisson
🎧  Flightplan
🎧  Sloth
🎧  Light Denim
🎧  Antsthedj
🎧  Pengting

ft Heu, Trav, Chappy and Levi

🔊 Groove: 

🎧  Rowan Steele
🎧  Taco Dave
🎧  Cynnic
🎧  Ross Not Gellar
🎧  Turion
🎧  Allem



🔥🔥 Disco * Funk * House * Deep House * Tech House * Techno * Drum and Bass * Dubstep 🔥🔥

We will be hosting some of your favourite crews in true TAKEOVER style - stay tuned to find out more 🍾

We couldn't pinpoint any one genre for the evening, so trust us when we say there will be something for everyone 😉



As you all know we are huge advocates of safety..

Once again, we will be running shuttles from a set place to the secret location.

These shuttles will be launching every 20 minutes, and unfortunately we are unable to provide a return trip to the collection point after 3am.

After this time we recommend pooling together with other attendees in an Uber as the return transport option of choice, with the secret location being surprisingly close to Wellington.


Give us a 'like' on Facebook to be notified of upcoming events, we'd hate for you to miss out!

  1. Sam T
  2. Hannah S
  3. Tas L
  4. Alec B
  5. Brianna R
  6. Lara C
  7. Chloe C
  8. Latana W
  9. Liam M
  10. Maggie M
  11. Andy T
  12. Pareanna S
  13. Rose T
  14. Haylee R
  15. Anita B
  16. Daiana V
  17. Connor O