Astradanza Festival 2023

All Ages
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After 2 years of roaming all over the world, we have decided to gather for a weekend celebration in a place we proudly call home.

We are calling the wizards to reunite in order to dance under the Rainbow Sun.

Dive into the portal and join us in the land of the Sunrise Wizards, a magic dimension where love and music collide in a dazzling display of enchantment. Nestled between the endless expanse of the desert and the boundless beauty of the beach, the venue of Crania beckons with its alluring mystery.

Music by : Alf Champion, Baby Mango, Blockstrand, Cosssmic Machine, Daniel Weil, Durango 95, Fran, Javi Redondo, Joserrano, Joss Martin, Kalexis, Lynnie Linn, Malin Linnea, Monrow, Paulor, Peter Invasion, Segg, Ukiyo, Witch Hunt

Visual & lights by Braincandy & The Astradanza Starlight Institute

As we step into this parallel dimension, we all reconnect to our inner magic self, ready to unwind the shackles of reality and surrender to the music. 

United by the spellbinding rhythm of the music, dancing until the sunrise and beyond. Converging our vibration through dance beyond the most breathtaking sunrises over the ocean and the desert.

Welcome back to the wonderous realm of Astradanza, where reality fades and the Bajalearic enchantment unfolds in all its magnificence.


  1. David C
  2. Cesar C
  3. Hisham B
  4. Kimberly B
  5. Yazmin R