Chupatrance Presents: Astral Circus

. The Dogs Bollix , Auckland [All Ages]

General Admission
NZ$ 22 (incl. Fees)

Sales for this event are closed.

Yes...'Astral' means starry and refers to the luminous appearance of the higher astral plane. An astral being is any being functioning on the astral plane. And actually, everyone is an “astral being,” or more properly speaking, everyone has a physical body, an astral body and a mental body. These are usually thought of as the three aspects of personality consisting of body, emotions and mind. So, the astral is the plane of emotions.

Chupatrance is a big plane of emotions and we are coming to take you on another journey where chupatrance will be a trip and a place to connect people music and time.

So get ready, get together and come on over.

We're always here to support our clubs and our local artists, with just a few things to remember:

•WEED is absolutely not allowed...if you wanna smoke go for wander!😅
•Online tickets only.
•Be kind & Have fun

Line up:

18:00 Lydia
19:30 Rodriguinho B2B Lucas Datt
21:00 Divinori
22:30 Rich Parker
12:00 Marcus Morgan
2:00 Emergy

  1. Andrea S
  2. Max G
  3. Alexis J
  4. Ana T
  5. Simone S