Bay Dreams Nelson Afterparty ft. Sachi & more

Trafalgar Centre [Ages 18+]

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NZ$ 59 (excl. Fees)
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NZ$ 69 (excl. Fees)
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NZ$ 79 (excl. Fees)

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After the party it's the?

There are two types of people; those that dip their toes, and those that get right in.

We've made this a much easier decision for you by bringing down crowd favourites SACHI for a live set.

This is the Afterparty.


  1. Brooke G
  2. Caitlin M
  3. Aaron M
  4. Lachlan O
  5. Xavier M
  6. Rory M
  7. Jacob S
  8. Jamie M
  9. Troy S
  10. Josh B
  11. Joseph B
  12. Jonathan I
  13. Vinnie M
  14. Talor D
  15. Riana O
  16. Phoebe C
  17. Jayden L
  18. Jarrod H
  19. Conor P
  20. Amelia A