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Where are we all going with this??

We are not even sure... The best description anyone of us can give to you is that we are coming in HOOOOT! A fresh new concept lead by the best and newest upcoming talents of the underground Techno/Downtempo scene in Aotearoa. Driven by a fiery desire to play and cocreate with magical and talented beings we bring to you a night like no other, so bring you funkiest socks to the floor.

An extensive background in cultivating creative spaces in the festival scene as well as a grinding desire to bring only the most epic cocreations to the public are two of our most wanted talents. Bringing all legends to gather in an epic night of seriously good music and visuals to the one and mighty Cassette Nine, a venue that has no need for introduction as many of you already bring your best selves every weekend.

Directly from all parts of Europe (Germany,Italy and England) as well as some epic local talents from Aotearoa we bring to you BE2BE, a concept that revolves around the sharing of music and skills LIVE to the dancefloor. Be ready for an epic night of awesome music, stunning visuals, yummy special cocktails and fresh live art. A cocreation of all the best things about conscious and expansive parties. Bring it on!!

CBD Auckland best be ready for this..




  1. Shannon G