Born on Road (UK) - Christchurch

Ages 18+
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The Born on Road label has landed in NZ, and what better way to kick off their tour than C-city 😤
After taking out #2 in the top Drum and Bass labels, and on the back of a sellout tour earlier this year, Born on Road returns to Christchurch with 5 international artists all under one roof.
Aries B2B Kelvin 373 B2B Selecta J Man
And support from:
Tickets are live Tuesday the 14th at 5pm via Ticket Fairy
Bring the heat Christchurch 🌶

  1. Jordan F
  2. Connor James H
  3. Zach G
  4. Max W
  5. Ella M
  6. Tom S
  7. Harry M
  8. Liam W
  9. Henry A
  10. Oscar F
  11. Haruya F
  12. Will Dean B
  13. Tegan M
  14. Ashleigh T
  15. D'Artagnan B
  16. Harry B
  17. Monty K
  18. Josh T
  19. Logan M
  20. Riley C