DJ Phantasy NYE - Cassette Nine

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AL-T Entertainment & Home Bass Radio Presents....

Bunker ft. DJ Phantasy

New Year's Eve Special

Yes yes, for those of you who are still rocking through this time because you're stuck at a sales job, for those who are working the bars and kitchens in the festive season, for those who spent too much money during the winter gigs and couldn't afford to go to the major festivals, for those who are still on the fence because you're not sure if your serotonin will last an entire 3 days somewhere where your car will get stuck or need a jump start...

No one gets left behind! When you step off the frontline and need to steam off the fact that you didn't make any plans for the count down this year, WE GOT YOU.

For you hard working mother******s this is our gift to you- thank you and f**k'n send it.


DJ Phantasy is Three Generations Deep in the music industry and is a key member of the extremely successful Drum and Bass Supergroup, SaSaSaS. In what is destined to be a historic year for Phantasy, alongside a hectic touring schedule, he’s about to release a book documenting his life and is currently working on an album that includes collaborations with some of the hottest talent in Drum and Bass and EDM. Being heavily involved in dance music since its inception, Phantasy is still at the top of his game and at the top of the scene he has helped shape over the years. Gaining support for his music worldwide, he has produced some of the biggest underground Drum & Bass singles in the scene’s history and was one of the first DJ’s to release his own music at a time when it wasn't the norm for DJ’s to release music. He also has an entry in the Guinness World Records book for his track ‘Animal’ with Harry Shotta who beat Eminem’s world record for the most words in a song. This record still stands today. His Twitter Biography simply states “ Involved with more things that you may realise” and as vague a statement as that may seem, there's a much larger truth in it. Always there to back and support fellow artists with their projects, Phantasy is very much someone who tries to help people bring their ideas to life and as a staunch supporter of the industry, Phantasy's legacy has been the firm foundation upon which he has built a drum and bass empire and one that continues to grow in strength by the day.


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