Catacombs & Club Kings Presents: Savage x Scribe

. Catacombs Nightclub , Dunedin [Ages 18+]

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Catacombs Nightclub and Club Kings Presents: Savage x Scribe 

New Zealand’s biggest hip-hop and RnB artists, Savage & Scribe are joining us for a night under the skulls, hot off the release of their film "Dawn Raid" for a historical reunion. 

Friday 12th March
10PM - 3AM 

Catacombs Nightclub, 10 The Octagon, Dunedin.  

Please bring a valid ID

  1. Emma S
  2. Xanthe M
  3. James W
  4. Ruby A
  5. Julia S
  6. Louisa O
  7. Dre W
  8. Jada M
  9. Vaughan M
  10. Jessie C
  11. Amie D
  12. Tiamai K
  13. Jack H
  14. Keeti R
  15. Decima S
  16. Shaniia T
  17. Khyla J
  18. Margaret-Mary B
  19. Olivia F
  20. Leni L