ChupaTrance Presents: Spring Fling

Saturday, 17 October 2020, 6:00pm

The Dogs Bollix , Auckland [All Ages]

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A “spring fling” can be a dance between two souls, puppy love that warms the youngest of hearts, a true-blue sexual romp of fun and excitement, or even an illicit affair. The meaning of “spring” in this context is about rising up and showing the new what has been dormant. we are here to spread the love and the good vibes, but we will need you to make it happen!! get your dancing shoes out, call your friends and lets have Fun!!!! line up TBA!!

  1. Gwendal Q
  2. Mateo M
  3. Maria L
  4. Matheus L
  5. Harry W
  6. Mihoko S
  7. Sergei F
  8. Alberto C
  9. Adam S
  10. Marcela T