Dunedin Winter Solstice

Cockleshell Road , Tuapeka West [All Ages]

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25th Dunedin Winter Solstice, Saturday 6 July 2019, Cockleshell Road, Tuapeka West, Lawrence



Winter Solstice is a not-for-profit festival that has a focus on celebrating the coming together of folk from all over who enjoy dancing, laughing, playing and performing with one another. As a collective we strive to create an open, safe and nurturing environment that encourages all to feel a sense of participation and belonging. We come together to celebrate the light and joy of our shared experience on this darkest of nights.

Set in the great outdoors with 2 dance zones, a fire and a warm ambient space with some live music also. It is a community focused event where looking out for each other and keeping everyone safe are encouraged.

We are pleased to present this years Dunedin Winter Solstice Chunky lineup sure to bring the Whomp and keep your blood pumping throughout the cold Winters night!

Ambient Zone Lineup To Be Announced 

We are lucky to have secured a fantastic location, 1.5 hrs drive from Dunedin central off State Highway 8, driving through Lawrence and turning off on to Cockleshell Road, you will find the party 4km down the road at Cockleshell Road, Tuapeka West.

Please come prepared for a cold Winters night full of wonder and excitement and amazing music.

This includes preparing somewhere to rest if you need to, whether its car/tent/van/bus with plenty of warm blankets.

Warm clothing is a must, merino or polypro under layers and plenty of warm layer on top with an option for wet weather or wind!

There will be some food and coffee vendors on site but please come prepared with your own supply of water and snacks to keep you energised throughout the night!
Things such and head torch, fire toys, gumboots, extra socks are all encouraged!

Please try to be environmentally conscious when you attend this years Winter Solstice! (Or any outdoor party) and come prepared with your own tin or container for biggie butts, and try to avoid single use plastic such as glow sticks.

 Come dance yourself warm in this long dark night, celebrate with us the return of the light.

  1. Ole E
  2. Kate R
  3. Jayden S
  4. Elisabeth N
  5. Anton C
  6. Maegan W
  7. Molly R
  8. Geo W
  9. Marco S
  10. Julie C
  11. Mark T
  12. Lucy W
  13. Mia P
  14. Sam L
  15. Stella V
  16. Bebe J
  17. Holly-maree S
  18. Angus W
  19. George M
  20. Emma M