Electric Panther Vol.2 - Paige Julia, Dylan C & SorchaLula

Ages 18+
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Electric Panther presents Paige Julia

Support from SorchaLula, Dylan C




Thanks to COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns, closures and a bunch of scheduling challenges, it has been over 15 MONTHS since we have had Aotearoa's reigning Queen of Bass Paige Julia down at our favourite underground bassment, Neck of the Woods.

Over that time, Paige has taken out 
Best Electronic Artist at the 2021 Aotearoa Music Awards, and continues to go from strength to strength with headline club and festival performances, as well as releasing a bunch of new killer cuts guaranteed to rattle your fillings loose.

NOTW hasn't been slacking off in the mean time either, with the installation of the infamous GHOST soundsystem, new stage and DJ setup, and a bunch of lighting / AV upgrades.

So with the stars aligned at last, we are finally good to go... and EP.02 is here, with the encore bass music masterclass you've been waiting for from Paige.

Once again, she's curated an A-list line-up to support her on this one with fellow Sensonaut and fast rising Pōneke resident, SorchaLula, as well as one of our faves, the endlessly talented Dylan C.

With live visuals from The Wanderer (TWP), this is going to be good.



Parental Advisory:    EXPLICIT BASS


Electric Panther and Neck of the Woods are all about good vibes on the dance floor and a room full of swaying bodies with enough space for everyone, so go ahead and leave any bad buzz at the door.

Check out our full Safe & Sound policy here.



  1. Ngaio O
  2. Mollie D
  3. Nina N