enRich Breathwork & SOCIAL EVENT!!! - Fri 23rd Oct 2020

Friday, 23 October 2020, 7:00pm

BizDojo - Auckland, Cider Building , Auckland [Ages 18+]

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NZ$ 33 (incl. Fees)
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The Zoom link will be sent out 1 hour before the event starts :) 

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This Friday is going to be LIT; space held by Rich & Sam, a powerful reset before the weekend and a chance to connect with the conscious community over some cacao and kombucha. Take this time for YOU, you deserve it. Haere mai.

Experience the enRich Breathwork journey:

- a detailed explanation of the breathing technique

- a 10min guided Wim Hof method to tap you in

- guided circular breathing with a live music soundscape, including singing, shamanic drumming, guitar and a crystal bowl sound bath

- reflection, sharing and connection with our tribe

We create a safe space for you to shed your daily suits and masks. This is a unique opportunity to have quality you-time with no distractions. Let us gently guide you through resetting your mind, body and soul during these challenging times we are all in. Perfect for letting go of daily stresses to bring you home to yourself.

Circular breathing with no pause can help you access a new state of consciousness and activates your natural capacity for healing. During our sessions you may experience old memories, sensations and images rise to the surface to be reviewed, released and integrated. No two breathwork sessions are the same and everyone's experience is perfectly unique. Some of our participants have experienced elation, ecstasy, pain, release of energetic blockages, vocal releases, a fresh perspective on life, spiritual connectedness, rushes of energy and even a new found sense of purpose.

Doors open at 6:30pm then close at 6:50pm. We will start at 7pm sharp and finish up shortly after 9pm.
BizDojo is located at Level 9, 4 Williamson Ave, Grey Lynn.
The lifts are located inside Lei Cafe which is just down from Countdown.
Message us when you're at the lifts and we'll take you up to Level 9.

If you are joining us through Zoom, find a quiet and comfortable space in your home where you won't be disturbed. We will send out the Zoom link 1 hour before the event starts.











Please don't let your financial situation stop you from enjoying our service. If you can't afford to purchase a ticket, please reach out as we don't want money to prevent you from joining us and experiencing our magic.


By purchasing a ticket, you agree to the below before engaging in our offerings:

  • I have not consumed any drugs or alcohol during the day of the workshop.
  • I am not pregnant.
  • I have not eaten for at least 2 hours before arriving at the workshop
  • I am not currently or have previously never taken part in the practice of Black Magic.
  • I do not suffer from asthma, lung heart conditions or any major physical illnesses.
  • I am not taking any major medication including cardiovascular medication.
  • I may experience hyperventilation due to a lack of carbon dioxide which can cause cramping of the muscles in hands, feet and / or mouth. This is completely normal and can be mitigated through exhaling more gently instead of a forced out-breath.
  • The facilitators may engage in physical touch to assist me with shifting any stagnant energy or to remind me of my breath.
  • If I need to go to the bathroom during the workshop I will be mindful and stand up / walk slowly to the toilet.
  • I am 100% responsible for my own health and wellbeing during the session.
  • By participating in our services you acknowledge that Richard Hackney & Samantha Denton-Giles are not a licensed psychologists or health care professionals and this services do not replace the care of psychologists or other healthcare professionals.
  • Our sessions, workshops & programs are in no way to be construed or substituted as psychological counselling or any other type of therapy or medical advice.
  • Under no circumstances can you hold Richard Hackney or Samantha Denton-Giles (enrichbreathwork.co.nz) liable for any actions that you take.
  • Richard Hackney and Samantha Denton-Giles hold no responsibility for the actions, choices, or mental health of participants during or after our sessions.