. Papaya Playa Project , Tulum [Ages 18+]

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People of Tulum, we have a surprise for you! Day-Trip Experience is coming back this Friday April 30th! Travel to the depths of love for a healthy Day-Trip experience by the creators of Woomoon, Storytellers Ibiza and Moonbow Festival at Papaya Playa Project.

Spend your day with art workshops, a yoga master class, artisans and healers market, cacao ceremony, sunset-static dance and much more

LUNA AZUL ART AREA (10:01 to 17:17)

Get inspired by masters of their own art and take home with you a little piece of Day-Trip Experience. Creative classes and workshops will be offered at our LUNA AZUL ART AREA!


Taking off from our main stage FREEDOM BEACH will be Seth Troxler with an exclusive Tulum performance! Together with Deer Jade for a sunset-static set, a live show by Huaira and cacao ceremony with TEOTL.


Enjoy a relaxed and comforting ambience by our TORTUGA LUNAR FIRE ALTAR at Day-Trip Experience! Listen to the grooves of Landikhan from LunArts delivering a special set, followed by Ricoloop and friends!


In collaboration with IMMERSION and Cocolab, find the mysterious STAR COLLECTOR this Friday at Day-Trip Experience!

Star Collector is a vibrant original lighting installation showing us through a fantastic light show how we are all made of stardust


Our beautiful crew of healers will pamper, rejuvenate and fix you up nicely this Friday at Day-Trip Experience! Indulge in practices and treatments based on the roots of Ancient healing and medicine.


Dress up, get colorful, enlighten your taste buds during our Day-Trip Experience! Find your unique outfit, feed your appetite with healthy vegetarian food, juices and explore amongst many other interesting treasures at our ARTISAN MARKET!

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