Full Moon Kanan

Ages 18+
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General Entrance
US$ 55 (incl. fees)

Entrada general no incluye mesa, se incluye sala sujeda a disponibilidad 

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Kaus Nest
US$787.50 (incl. fees)
50% Deposit

Mesa con la mejor vista al mar, para 5 personas, pago del 50% 


Immerse yourself in a unique experience that fuses the ancestral essence of the Mayan culture with the mystical energy of the full moon in Tulum. Our full moon ritual is an opportunity to connect with the earth, the elements and our own essence in a magical and immersive environment.

Enjoy a spectacular dinner under the moonlight in our nests, followed by an impressive pre-Hispanic dance and live music. Before saying goodbye to this unforgettable experience, we invite you to participate in a small detox ritual with copal, where the aromatic smoke will purify your spirit and prepare you to carry with you the memories of this magical night. Discover the true value of culture, nature and the moon on a night in Kanan. We are waiting for you under the light of the full moon!