Saturday, 6 October 2018, 10:00pm

Neck Of The Woods , Auckland [All Ages]

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It's no secret that The Upbeats have been busy, and are constantly trying to push their limits personally and musically. They always want to go somewhere new, do something new, make something new in a way that hasn’t been done before... 

Fuzen presents:  



6 October

Neck of the Woods 

No Sleep 'Til, The Upbeat's new 7 track EP, hits 8 September 2018 and the boys are celebrating the launch by hitting the road together for a (no doubt hectic) tour of NZ.  The Snake and Wolf are reunited to take over NZ!  

With help from Creative New Zealand and a Kickstarter campaign, they went to Japan and Iceland to write the first EP of the ‘No Sleep ’Til’ series. There are 7 songs on the EP, featuring collaborations with Noisia, Culture Shock,Halogenix, DJ Kentaro, Goth Trad, and Emperor. 


  1. Briony U
  2. Simon P
  3. Jamie H
  4. Nikhil V
  5. Howard C
  6. Philly M
  7. Joelle C
  8. Ashley S
  9. Conner D
  10. Francesca C
  11. Benjamin P
  12. Kelan M
  13. Sara R
  14. Kyle J
  15. Melissa M