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Giorgia Angiuli is a composer, multi-instrumentalist, producer
and DJ born in Puglia, Italy.

Having received an education in classical music, Giorgia
also composed
soundtracks for movies, commercials and fashion shows in collaboration
with many renowned musicians.

Stylistically, Giorgia's moves mainly
within the confines of techno music
with a rather unique and colorful
"pop" personal touch.

During her performances she combines
all kinds of music instruments
from keyboards and synthesizers
trumpets, drum pads the strange
and increasingly popular toys
that allow him to add different sounds
mixing all these sounds in samples and loops
shaping a vibrant and energetic rhythm that sets
the dance floor on fire.

She uses her magical voice to create a dreamlike dimension.

Giorgia Angiuli is proudly the
#1 Female Live Show across the globe regularly
performing as the must expected act in the best

Be part of our magical journey beside
the beautifull blue ocean on november 1
at Mia Tulum.

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Claire B
Jules Beat
Yaku Means Water

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