Great New Zealand Wide World Tour, Nationally: (Christchurch)

. Blue Smoke , Christchurch [All Ages]

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The Butlers are taking to the pavements of New Zealand, playing 10 shows up and down the country. Not 9, not 10, but 10 shows!
After spending a fair amount of their recent time in the studio, drawing on walls and drinking gin, they're set to warm ya’ll up with the tracks you love and some that you’re about to love even more.  

  1. Melissa M
  2. Jane G
  3. Katie C
  4. Nicola S
  5. Luke M
  6. Rongopai T
  7. Spencer B
  8. Laird K
  9. Samantha S
  10. Kyla R
  11. Eilish A
  12. Peggy B
  13. Juliet B