Heart, Sex and Connection for Women: A Full Day Training

. SOUL-centre of the body and mind , Auckland [All Ages]

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Heart Sex & Connection For Women
NZ$ 127 (incl. Fees)

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The full-day training is for women who are ready to release unhelpful patterns around relating and step into their connection potential.

- Do you desire greater passion in your life?
- Do you crave to express yourself more fully?
- Are you longing to be seen as yourself?
- Do you find it difficult to know what you want?
- Do you carry unhelpful beliefs around relationships?
- Are you longing to experience deeper connections with men?

This workshop will use a variety of tools and techniques to uncover the blockages that prevent women from stepping into their potential as legendary lovers. Epic sex is your birthright, as are ecstatic connections in which you are fulfilled.

For both singles and women in relationships, this workshop will:
- help to rewrite unhelpful stories that cloud your ability to be in the present
- explore the energetics of sex
- connect you with your inner masculine and inner feminine and demonstrate ways to use this framework as an insightful model of relating
- explore pleasure, desire and eros energy
- tackle myths about men and explore what causes shut down in relationships
- learn tools to awaken your creativity, heart-energy and intimacy potential

This is for women 18 years and above.